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❈With legal help from Redemption Earned, an Alabama nonprofit headed by a former state Supreme Court chief justice, Jordan petitioned the court for early release.❁

South Carolina’s Republican-controlled House tried to ban most abortions starting at conception. But the Senate rejected a near-total ban three times, with a filibuster by the chamber’s female members: Shealy and two other Republicans, a Democrat and an independent who called themselves the “Sister Senators.” Last week, the House approved the Senate’s roughly six-week ban, sending it back with a slew of amendments.☍


√Kushner was born and raised in a predominately Jewish neighborhood in Brooklyn, N.Y. He studied at Columbia University and later obtained his rabbinical ordination from the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York in 1960.◀K152J20C0GL5TH5↣No visitors will be allowed east of that road.∷VJ0603D430GXXAP↗The polls were also seen as yet another faceoff between Modi and Gandhi, the scion of the dynastic Congress party leadership who was convicted of making defamatory remarks about the prime minister's last name during an election rally in 2019. It led to Gandhi's ouster from Parliament in March and he risks losing his eligibility to run in elections for the next eight years if a court does not overturn his conviction.⚘1825Y0500391KCR♦It could also be costly.☚

▁"Why do I stress the president's role?" Pattis asked the jury. "He's not on trial here, much though I wish he were. ... If my president tells me my republic is being stolen, who do I listen to: the thief or the commander in chief?"✍VJ0402G683MXQCW1BC➳For one, Travis Rothweiler, the city manager of Twin Falls, got choked up recalling the moment he was notified of the threat to his teenager's school.♡


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C0603C182G8HACAUTO☼Steve Kiefer, a retired General Motors executive whose son, Mitchel, was killed in a 2016 distracted driving crash, said cell phones are a primary cause of distraction. But technology is available to prevent it including "do not disturb" modes, as well as apps and in-car systems that watch drivers to make sure they're paying attention.↱SMBJ5380BE3/TR13▓In 2019, then again in 2022, Carroll filed a pair of civil lawsuits over the incident, accusing Trump of defamation and battery, seeking unspecified damages.▬

★The report put a particular focus on the six largest Asian subgroups — Chinese, Filipino, Indian, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese — which together account for roughly four in five Asians across the country.⇅


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