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1812J3K00821KXT♝"Somebody make some noise for the legend Mr. Willie Nelson!" Snoop shouted mid-song.⇙STGB10M65DF2⇧France paid tribute to the "rapid intervention of the Tunisian security forces and stands by Tunisia to continue the fight against antisemitism and all forms of fanaticism," the statement said.▔

◈In retaliation, Israeli warplanes struck sites allegedly linked to the Palestinian militant group Hamas in Gaza and southern Lebanon.™

↜Thick plumes of smoke from blazes in the Canadian province of Alberta crossed into multiple states including Montana, Colorado, Idaho and Utah.↴


➻The affected workers will be notified by next Thursday.♦1808Y0500820JFT◎""I've worked in water my entire career and one of our sayings is never waste a good crisis,"" he said, standing next to a field of purposely flooded grape vines at a vineyard north of Fresno. ""This is our chance for everyone to be aware of what's possible."""┲1945-39JぃIn January, around 7,000 nurses in New York went on strike over a contract dispute with hospitals in the city. The nurses were looking for higher wages and better working conditions. This strike forced several hospitals to divert patients elsewhere.↝1812Y0250680JFR⇦Chetwynd said the logistical priority now was to return Soldin's body to the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, so "we can safely take it out of the country and return it home to his family."♦

☎Fox News chief executive Suzanne Scott warned her colleagues against running fact-checking segments by the network's own reporters debunking lies about election fraud, even as it gave such bogus claims acres of prime real estate.█1206J0630391FCT⇋Anna Eskamani, a Democratic state representative from Orlando, said DeSantis was working to “bend laws in his favor.” Republicans hold a supermajority in the legislature and recently ushered through a range of proposals — including a new six-week abortion ban and an expansion of the death penalty — that critics say were designed to buoy DeSantis’s presidential platform.✉

▶Another thing that won't change for now is access to numerous COVID-19 vaccines and tests and treatments that were allowed for emergency use by the Food and Drug Administration. That authority comes from a different declaration, which hasn't ended yet — the timing of that is up to Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra.☀


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