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♢"I am stunned. After 17 years at CNN, I would have thought that someone in management would have had the decency to tell me directly," Lemon said.░


⇏The Allen Police Department and the FBI were working with Allen Premium Outlets on a plan to help shoppers retrieve any vehicles that were left at the scene.♂BAV99FT116✲A source familiar with the situation told CBS News that, when briefed on Wednesday, Mr. Biden had initially wanted to shoot down the balloon. But as he sought military options from Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Milley and others, they advised against such action because of the risk to people on the ground.⊟150D276X0035S2T↶That certification process prohibits growers from hiring children under 16 unless they're excused from attending school or involved in accredited learning programs, and it prohibits minors from doing tasks defined by the Labor Department as hazardous.⇀T495C226K010ZTE245⇎Excerpts shown to media from Wilt's body camera show the pair arriving at Old National Bank in the police car. When they park near the front door, the shooter opens fire on them, and Galloway yells to Wilt to reverse, which he does.♧

◫When the characters do finally come together and act upon their romantic feelings, it feels earned and cathartic. A woman who can't speak helps a language teacher who can't see. If this was the film Jerry Maguire, they'd say they complete each other. But Kang, of course, wouldn't stoop to such a cringeworthy, middlebrow notion. At one point, the man narrates that Plato himself knew "that there is no complete thing, ever. At least in this world." Plato might agree, however, that two damaged people finding solace in companionship qualifies as wondrous.♢CWR09CC225KCA\TR⚘Near the end of the more than two-hour-long Easter Sunday appearance, Francis seemed to run out of steam. His voice grew hoarse and he interrupted his speech at one point to cough.☁


➢New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy on Sunday invited both sides to his office in Trenton to negotiate an end to the impasse.◩LQW15AN75NJ8ZD♡"It was on my list to do, and with all the things going on, I thought it would be good to bring transparency there to everybody and bring my abilities for everyone else to see where the jet is going," Sweeney said.❈TFZTR4.7B۰"The government must ""make new decisions that are in line with the premise of the Supreme Court's judgment,"" Aasland told the broadcaster.★CDR33BX104AKUM-ZAHAA∎The still-active website — which advertises that it's "safe and secure" and includes testimonials from fake clients — allows users to both engage the services of a hitman and apply to become a hired killer.↕

↖Despite the Supreme Court's ruling on the legality of Khan's arrest, Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah refused to back down Thursday, saying on Pakistan's Dunya TV channel: "If (Khan) gets bail… we will wait for the cancellation of bail and arrest him again."◄BSC117N08NS5ATMA1▄HOUSTON — Fire erupted at a petrochemical plant in the Houston area Friday, leaving five workers hospitalized and sending up a huge plume of smoke visible for miles.♂


◈The former cricket star has denounced the cases against him, which include corruption and terrorism charges, as a politically motivated plot by Sharif, his successor, to keep him from returning to power in elections to be held later this year. Khan has campaigned against Sharif and demanded early elections.☠W2L1ZC473MAT1A◑Federal officials are telling people near the site of an Indiana warehouse fire that broke out last week not to touch any debris they find on their property since it may contain asbestos, a known carcinogen.↿CDR01BX102BKWMAP♀Turkey used to have televised presidential candidate debates, but not since Erdogan took office.△CDCH8D38/ANP-680KC"I can't explain how I was feeling in the box. I didn't even know what to do," Maggi said after the Pittsburgh Pirates' 8-1 win over the Los Angeles Dodgers — his very first under the spotlights of a Major League Baseball team after a career spent in minor league baseball.∎

Owen Burns, a 13-year-old Michigan boy, is being credited with saving his sister's life after he fended off a would-be kidnapper by shooting him with a slingshot.♖CDR34BX124AMZRATThe tips included: "Advise your student that they should ask the man to leave them alone" and "walk away from him if they are approached by him."↘


◊"The light dawned," she said. The groundswell of women speaking out about sexual assault "caused me to realize that staying silent does not work, that if we speak up we have a chance of limiting the harm."⇝VJ0402G563KXQPW1BC✲Taiwan is notable for its liberal attitudes towards gender, sexual orientation, and marriage.¤GA0805A330KBCBT31G↾The conflict, which capped months of tensions between Sudan's rival generals, pits the Sudanese military, led by Gen. Abdel-Fattah Burhan, who is the head of the ruling sovereign council, against the powerful paramilitary Rapid Support Forces. The RSF is commanded by Burhan's deputy on the council, Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo. Abdalla said neither has heeded appeals to allow access to the zoo.☝JANTXV1N6341♦The Korea Meteorological Administration said winds in the Gangneung area were still blowing at 103 kilometers (64 miles) per hour. The strong winds also forced railroad operators to cancel at least a dozen passenger trains between Gangneung and other eastern coastal cities like Donghae and Samcheok.●

➫In the face of that history, Louisiana voters decided to take action. Five years ago, they amended the state constitution once again to change the laws around split-jury verdicts.£VJ0805Y122KXXAP♀There are three components to effective drug and alcohol treatment, according to Dr. Sharon Levy, a pediatrician and addiction medicine specialist at Boston Children's Hospital. The first part is medical, which includes seeing a doctor, drug testing, and using medications like buprenorphine to treat opioid addiction. The second is emotional support from counseling to address co-occurring mental health disorders. And there is a behavioral component that, for kids, can include receiving positive feedback from parents, peer support and recovery schools.º


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