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➸The album's tracklisting included the Mark Knopfler-penned title track, as well as covers of tunes by David Bowie ("1984"), the Beatles ("Help!"), and Ann Peebles ("I Can't Stand the Rain"). Private Dancer also featured her first and only solo No. 1 hit, the vulnerable and luxurious "What's Love Got to Do With It." The single, which also won Grammy Awards for record of the year and best female pop vocal performance, boasted a cathartic, lived-in vocal performance that ushered in her sophisticated second act and cemented her reputation as a survivor, a tag and aesthetic she embraced.✈1808Y2000224JXTΘ"Future Hall of Famer!!" his former Olympic and Rockets teammate Chris Paul tweeted.✐KBPC2501-G▉What are people saying?✯2225J0100125KXR↓Joseph Grove of the group Animal Wellness Action said the death toll was alarming.◆

☀"NHTSA will continue to monitor this issue, spread awareness of further updates to local authorities, and lend its expertise in efforts to strengthen motor vehicle safety," the spokesperson said.0505Y0632P40DQT✉Although your Korean American heritage takes a backseat in this book, race still plays a role. You grew up in Summit, a predominantly white town, but every Saturday, you went to Korean school in Tenafly, N.J., which has a large population of Korean immigrants. There, you say, you felt like an outsider. Why was that?⇉


▶Authorities confirmed to NPR that no one was injured in the incident, which happened around 10 p.m. Tuesday night and is now under review by the FBI and Department of Defense.¤1206J0500470KAT↖"An unexpected result, very unexpected. I think even the Colorado Party members are shocked by such a wide margin," political consultant Sebastián Acha said. "It gives him enormous legitimacy due to the size of the difference and that makes Peña's victory indisputable."√060322008P20BQTLSM⇌Are hospitals functioning?◩T491D107K020ATPLP1♨Circle Chart's Kim Jin-woo says the industry has now evolved from introducing artists already popular in South Korea to foreign audiences.↙

⊙The oldest additions to the Registry this year date back to 1908 and 1909– they are the earliest surviving recordings of mariachi music, recorded in Mexico City in a performance for the country's president shortly before the Mexican Revolution. And the newest is a contemporary classical piece by composer Ellen Taaffe Zwilich, the first woman to earn a doctorate in composition from the Juilliard School and the first female composer to win the Pulitzer Prize.™1641R-184H▽Two years ago, lawmakers in West Virginia voted to curb needle exchanges, despite evidence that the programs were essential to curbing an outbreak of HIV-AIDS among people using drugs.☢


•"We've been duped," he added.┲1210Y0160333FCT♥In his first reaction to the Islamabad high court's Friday decision to grant Khan bail, Pakistan's current Prime Minister Shebaz Sharif accused the judiciary of acting "like an iron shield" for Khan, and claimed the courts were showing double standards.☽TBJV157K016CRSB0024○Sen. Kathleen Kauth, who authored the trans health measure, has repeatedly referred to an increase of children who identify as transgender as "a social contagion." She said the measure is aimed at protecting children from doing something they might later regret.◤0505Y0632P40DQT▔Other journalists were laid off. And Fox News turned over two hours of evening programming that had been reserved for news shows — at 7 p.m. and 11 p.m. — to conservative talk show host Jesse Watters and conservative comedian Greg Gutfeld. Pirro was named a co-host of the top-rated weekday show "The Five" – a promotion from her weekend hosting slot. The two news shows were pushed to the outer fringe slots — MacCallum's news show to 3 p.m., Shannon Bream to midnight.♣

▣Democrats have agreed to cap spending as part of previous bipartisan deals to increase the debt limit, but in the discussions now they are pressing Republicans to discuss tax increases as part of any framework.⇏GRM0335C1E8R2WA01D➦In 2015, an attack in Tunisia at the Mediterranean resort of Sousse killed 38, mostly British tourists. The Islamic State group claimed the attack, along with attacks that year on the famed Bardo Museum in the capital Tunis and on a bus carrying presidential guards.▪

⊟While the lawsuit will move forward in a federal court in Manhattan, Jordan has already announced the committee's next step: the House Judiciary Committee will hold a "field hearing" Monday in New York, featuring people they're calling "victims" of Bragg's policies. The hearing will take place a short distance from both Bragg's office and the courthouse where Trump was arraigned.✍


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IRFR3412PBF☂"On Saturday morning, April 15, we woke up to the sounds of gunfire, from that morning on we live in fear," says Hipa Salih, a Sudanese journalist. "I think we can die at any time. Nobody can feel safe in Khartoum now."♦SIE726DF-T1-E3♚Many athletes, commentators and fans are calling out the people who have criticized Reese, questioning why they didn't take issue with the gesture when Clark did it.✐

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