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∎In March of 2022, the company said that while it had encouraged account sharing in the past, with features such as profiles and multiple streams, the practices have been "impacting our ability to invest in great new TV and films for our members."♠0805Y2000181FUT▭The Washington Post first reported that the 21-year-old worked on a U.S. military base and shared the classified documents on the platform Discord.☃M39003/09-0044/HSD•Duane calls Texas's laws on abortion and pregnancy "hypocritical." "They prohibit abortion even for people like [Casiano] — and they do so unapologetically — while simultaneously not providing any support for women and families," she says.♢12105C334MAT2A⇇"I went to get it and the woman told me, 'I don't think you're going to be able to afford this.' I said, 'Why not?' She said, 'Because it's seven hundred and some dollars.'"★

◈The Sunday performance and others hosted at the restaurant have been open to people of all ages, the complaint says.⇒2225J0500470KCR◧She looked up how former queen consorts, such as Alexandra, Mary and Elizabeth (the late queen's mother), were styled after their husbands became king, and says she "very rarely" saw the word consort. That was usually only in formal settings like the queen's coronation service or prayers.↔


▣By September, only one family was still living in the city of Kharkiv.♈TBJD685K050RRSB0023º"Crotone prosecutor Giuseppe Capoccia confirmed investigators had identified three suspected smugglers, a Turk and two Pakistani nationals. A second Turk is believed to have escaped or died in the wreck.▦CWR09NC225KDB⇔Motaher al-Marouni, a senior health official, said 78 people were killed, according the rebels' Al-Masirah satellite TV channel. At least 73 others were injured and taken to the al-Thowra Hospital in Sanaa, according to hospital deputy director Hamdan Bagheri.☍2225J1000220JFT⇧Secret Service spokesperson Anthony Guglielmi said no Secret Service or White House personnel were hurt in the incident.▨

●"They were very sincere; they weren't trying to be mean," Statton, 25, says. "They said, 'The best we can tell you to do is sit in the parking lot, and if anything else happens, we will be ready to help you. But we cannot touch you unless you are crashing in front of us or your blood pressure goes so high that you are fixing to have a heart attack.'"❤562RX5FBL102EK502M▽Broaden the death penalty (S.B. 450)◎

⇚The legal challenge against House Speaker Matt Regier and statehouse Sergeant-at-Arms Bradley Murfitt comes with just days left in the Legislature's biennial session.←


◎That's no more evident than in Texas which has been ground zero for abortion restrictions. The state has had some of the most restrictive abortion laws in the country for years now. It passed a six-week abortion ban in 2021 and its novel enforcement strategy stood the scrutiny of the Supreme Court and it was upheld and has been in effect since then.▪C0402C369C5HAC7867ⓞDavis pleaded guilty last year to charges tied to welfare misspending in state's largest public corruption case, including $160,000 spent on drug rehabilitation in Malibu, California, for former pro wrestler Brett DiBiase, the brother of Ted DiBiase Jr.▅ISC1812ER180K✯On Monday, the DOJ filed a request for an emergency stay of the injunction while the Fifth Circuit considers the appeal, asking the court to decide by noon CT on Thursday, April 13.☃2220Y2K50271MXR☼One incident just over a week ago, which also occurred in Texas, saw a man allegedly open fire in his neighbors' home and kill five people after he was asked to stop shooting a gun in his front yard because it was frightening a baby who lived next door.↴

↕It was Malcolm X's intelligence and drive, King said, that allowed him to shape himself and turn away from an early life of crime.▧0505J1000110GQT▥"It's time to get rid of the monarchy," Graham Smith, Republic's leader, told NPR. "We will be chanting, 'Not my king!' when Charles goes past."▨

▮The State and Defense departments are sending a classified review of the withdrawal to Congress on Thursday.✐


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