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▣"Our conservation today slows down these processes (of decay), but for how long, it's hard to say," Maciaszczyk said.◘1808J2K50390JCR◙In a statement released on Thursday, the Taliban has dismissed these concerns as an "internal issue of Afghanistan."ºC0805C391J1HACAUTO☺A high-stakes meeting with Mr. Biden and key lawmakers from both parties on Tuesday yielded no breakthrough, but the group agreed to keep trying to avert a default.↝2N3904_D28Z★An F-18 radioed in — 525 knots.☠

▶California now bans state-funded travel to nearly half of the country following a surge of anti-LGBTQ legislation in mostly Republican-led states.♈GA0402Y471JXBAP31G◑Another police officer, Devon Wenger, responded, "I agree. That's why I don't like body cameras."➼

♣The zoo, which is housed inside the University of Khartoum, is one of the oldest in Sudan. The facility was established about a century ago as part of Gordon Memorial College, an educational institution built in the early 1900s when Sudan was a part of the British empire. It was annexed to the University of Khartoum two years after Sudan won independence in 1956.◐


♥Roxy Mathew Koll, a climate scientist at the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology in Pune city, said cyclones in the Bay of Bengal are becoming more intense more quickly, in part because of climate change.○1206J1000391KDR☎Across the country, the team heard stories of frustration: foreign passports getting rejected as a form of ID, long-term residents struggling to fund small businesses, families squirreling away large sums of money to buy homes, not realizing they couldn't secure mortgages.◆TBME477K006LRLB0045☣NPR's attempts to speak to the officers named in the DA's report were either unsuccessful or declined.↭JAN2N5666♨GARY COHN: Well, Margaret Bank runs are bank runs. When people lose confidence in a bank, deposits go out the door very quickly. Banks are not designed to have deposits go out in massive scale. In fact, banks are designed to take your deposits and reinvest them back in the economy. They give out mortgages, they give out car loans. They give out student loans. They allow you to have your credit cards. So there is not that much liquidity in a bank to allow that to happen. When confidence is gone, people say, look, I will take my money to someplace else where I have more confidence and we are starting to see that run through the system. And there's a contagion effect. You say, okay, one bank has the problem, okay, another bank has. The problem is the bank I'm in, is it safe? And I have any doubt whatsoever that it's not safe. I'm going to move to the safest place I can because it's better safe than sorry when it's your own hard earned dollars.☪

☽On Tuesday, there was a sharp selloff of First Republic's stock, and on Wednesday, trading was so volatile the New York Stock Exchange halted trading of the bank's shares an astonishing 16 times.▽M39014/22-0693♘The museum advises first-time hunters to do some online research first so they know what they're looking for — and warns everyone to take the appropriate precautions.✲


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VJ0402D9R1BLXAC☪Authorities in Oklahoma discovered seven bodies on a rural property while searching for two missing teenagers on Monday.♀1206Y2000151GAT▮A gunman opened fire Friday night near a synagogue in east Jerusalem, killing at least seven people and wounding several before he was shot and killed, Israeli police and medics said.↾

▣"The message is clear and simple," Meloni said, flanked by Zelenskyy as the two briefed reporters after their meeting at her office, which lasted more than an hour. "The future of Ukraine is a future of peace and freedom. And it's the future of Europe, a future of peace and freedom, for which there are no other possible solutions.''░


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