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♨We are going to talk about the Agency's work on Iraq with the help of five CIA officers who were either directly involved or who had a front row seat to the war. As a senior agency manager, I had a front seat as well.  What you are going to hear are my personal views as well as the personal views of my five colleagues.➜

❁I'm Michael Morell.  And this is a special episode of Intelligence Matters.➳


⇓Hospital leaders say for this reason, cyberattacks pose an existential threat to the viability of hospitals across the country, especially financially-struggling hospitals or smaller hospitals in rural areas.☌CDR33BP162BJZMAT☏“I guess I’ll see you at college graduation next,” Sikes told Majcunich-Beasley.▶VLS3012T-2R2M1R5⇜The bill sets a deadline of April 1, 2024, giving the transportation agency less than a year to complete its work and make a recommendation. The Republican-dominated Florida Legislature approved the measure by a wide margin.☺C420C242F3G5TA➡California has always experienced dramatic swings from drought to floodwaters. Those swings are expected to become more severe as temperatures rise due to human-caused climate change.↝

◩Because she went into labor early, Casiano has less time than she expected to sort out how to pay for Halo's funeral. She was quoted $4,000 by one funeral home. The family moved less than a year ago and used up all their savings on the move. Her family cooked menudo, a spicy Mexican soup, and raised $645 selling it by the bowl.▆BZX84-B11,235▎An uninterrupted conversation between DeSantis and Twitter CEO Elon Musk would be live-streamed on Twitter Spaces to mark the event.


◊A few months later, in April 2022, CMS decided to pay for eight tests per month for those with Medicare Part B outpatient coverage, including tens of millions of seniors, one of the groups most susceptible to severe illness and death from the virus. It was the first time the agency agreed to cover non-prescription, over-the-counter products at no cost to beneficiaries.➟AC0603DRNPO9BN9R1▃ ❣1008-103J☀He wasn't a stand-up comic or performer like so many other late night hosts, so his forte wasn't improvising jokes with guests or launching into seat-of-the-pants live performances. Instead, Corden's roots in TV production seemed to inspire segments that were more complicated, planned and edited – which could lack spontaneity and were a marked contrast from the genre-breaking impulses of his predecessor, Scottish comic Craig Ferguson.♝FG26X7R2J222KNT00♣Accompanying the letter was a 2 1/2-page statement of ethics principles and practices, which Roberts said all the current justices "today reaffirm and restate."◐

↝Court documents also show that on April 6, Teixeira used his government computer to search classified intelligence reporting for the word "leak," which the FBI says may be reason to believe that Teixeira was searching for any updates on potential intelligence about his own actions.↘FK28C0G1H560JN006♣Since Modi became prime minister in 2014, India has slipped in rank from 140 to 150 in the World Press Freedom Index of 180 countries compiled by Reporters Without Borders.☄

➢Even in the decades after the Comstock Act and similar laws were passed, they were largely unpopular and there were efforts to repeal them, Thompson says. But the Comstock Act was never fully repealed by Congress.◆

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