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↝The Skoll Award's financial prize is offered as unrestricted funding and flexible support. Rogers says Reach Digital Health plans to use this influx of funds to teach other organizations and institutions across the world to replicate their work. "The goal is not world domination," she says. "We've built up a model now that we know is impactful. It saves lives. We know that it's scalable."ЮVJ0402D0R8DLAAJ➩Wednesday’s vote arrives as the Biden administration is contending with legal challenges to the ongoing payment pause. While the moratorium was first implemented and extended because of economic upheaval caused by the pandemic, the Biden administration in November also cited the legal challenges to the forgiveness plan when it announced a new extension.☠06033A471KAT4A❀Cancer patients today are not in a neutral information environment. Instead, cancer patients are flooded with false facts and quacks who promise 100% cure rates. That's the reality we live in.⊟1111Y1K01P40CQTのRenner wrote the theme song for the show, something he did while working on another show.⇛

▄Jordan responded to the lawsuit in a tweet, saying Trump was indicted "for no crime" and that Bragg is trying to block congressional oversight.█C1206C241M8HAC7800▤The Saturday night matchup between the Earthquakes and the Red Bulls came to a halt after Ebobisse said he heard an opposing competitor use a racist epithet on the pitch.▣


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NTE247➳He shot White in the face before turning his gun on her father, who had run over to protect her. A bullet also grazed Hilderbrand's elbow, the Gaston Gazette reports.➻BZX584B5V1☪"There is no winner in nuclear wars," the Chinese government said Xi told Zelenskyy. "On the nuclear issue, all relevant parties must stay calm and exercise restraint, truly act in the interests of their own future and that of humanity, and jointly manage the crisis."▱


➨The closure will begin Friday at 10 p.m. More flooding is possible throughout May and June, the park said.◩1206Y1500150JQT▲Arkansas GOP Sen. Tom Cotton has already said fellow Republicans shouldn't make it easier for Democrats to advance their nominees.➙MA0402XR473M100☪No one can tell yet just how many criminal cases might hang in the balance, after these revelations. Burris, alongside others including two U.S. Congressmen, are calling for the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate the Antioch Police Department.↥1206J0160330JFR➲"The convictions and the court's finding that the surface-to-air Buk missile came from a Russian military base were seen as a clear indication that Moscow had a role in the tragedy. Russia has always denied involvement. The Russian Foreign Ministry accused the court in November of bowing to pressure from Dutch politicians, prosecutors and the news media.☛

☂The Government Accountability Office also said airlines are taking longer to recover from disruptions such as storms. Surges in cancellations in late 2021 and early 2022 lasted longer than they did before the pandemic, the GAO said.▀GCM3195C2A152JA16D▁"I want to be absolutely clear," his statement continued.  "[T]hese findings do not call into question the experiences and real health issues that US Government personnel and their family members – including CIA's own officers – have reported while serving our country."➷

☆What's the big deal? With the release of her book, Money Out Loud. All the Financial Stuff No One Taught Us, Anat dives into these topics and more, providing an education on finance that she wishes she had when first looking into the topic.⇀

♠She said Thursday that a look at social media once the trial started revealed fresh insults against her as people labeled her a "liar, slut, ugly, old."▅

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