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◁"I think we all wound up feeling overwhelmed, feeling that news is being fed to us through algorithms, and, you know, sort of pander to in certain ways," he told NPR's Michel Martin.✚0505Y2008P20CQT▤The study looked at nearly 2,000 of the planet's largest lakes and reservoirs using three decades of satellite observations and climate models to measure how bodies of water have shrunk or grown over time, and to parse out what influenced the change. For example, did a lake shrink because of increased evaporation with hotter temperatures, or because it was diverted for agriculture?⊟M39006/21-0045✚A similar model of artist development achieved considerable success in Japan, with the most prominent example being NiziU.↕RLB0812-152KL☺As the day continued, one by one, some of the key holdouts said they would move to support the legislation after negotiations with McCarthy and others. Among them was Rep. Nancy Mace, R-S.C., who said she was a "yes" after meeting with McCarthy Wednesday afternoon.☁

█8 a.m.CDR31BP681AFUR-ZACAMTakata used ammonium nitrate to create a small explosion to inflate air bags in a crash. But the chemical can become more volatile over time when exposed to moisture in the air and repeated high temperatures. The explosion can rupture a metal canister and hurl shrapnel into the passenger compartment.↠


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1808Y0250564KXRThe four escapee had been in custody for various felony charges, most involving theft. Arrington had charges of auto theft and illegal possession of a firearm, WAPT-TV reported.↯0805J0630181FFR☁Charles has a "working crown" to wear on his way out of Westminster Abbey: the Imperial State Crown, made in 1937. The monarch wears this crown to the opening of Parliament too. It's one of as many as seven crowns that may grace the king's head.▬


↧Prosecutors said on Monday that several people Vallow Daybell designated as "dark" or even as zombies died soon afterward, including her children Tylee Ryan, 16, and Joshua Jaxon "JJ" Vallow, 7.◧GRM0335C1H120JA01DのOne beneficiary in Indiana suspected something was amiss after receiving 32 unrequested tests over a 10-day period, says Nancy Moore, the Senior Medicare Patrol program director for Indiana. None of the people who submitted a complaint recalled giving out their Medicare number, she said.♣ER1641-161JS✦Trump, a front-runner in the Republican presidential field ahead of the November 2024 election, is under investigation for his efforts to overturn the election results which included pressuring Pence to not certify the results of the election, a largely ceremonial role for the vice president. Pence declined to entertain that idea, paving a way for a split between the two men. Pence is also exploring a presidential run in 2024.▒FK16X5R1C106MN006✿Wikileaks was also well known for accessing and blasting out the emails of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign managers and the Democratic National Committee in 2016. The leak made clear the DNC had favored Clinton on her way to the nomination and forced the resignation of the DNC chair. It also enraged supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders' rival campaign and embarrassed the Clinton campaign and the party on the eve of its national convention.░

➽The beer brand's rocky stretch began April 1 with a March Madness promotion with a trans influencer named Dylan Mulvaney, who has more than 10 million followers on TikTok and nearly 2 million on Instagram.☭FDS5672▆"While there are some areas that could have experienced some precipitation, other areas may not. The wildfires in the area are extremely hot and will burn deep into the ground. These fires can reignite again if conditions are right," a provincial update said Sunday about fires in Parkland and Yellowhead counties west of Edmonton.★

❦In addition, the city had approved hundreds of exemptions and waivers for some $800 million worth of contracts, the report said.▄


▯Fears of a nationwide bank run have eased since last month, but the episode has left lingering scars.✥CMR2-02 TR13⊕Israel says the controversial tactic helps authorities thwart attacks and hold dangerous militants without divulging incriminating material for security reasons. Palestinians and rights groups say the system is widely abused and denies due process, with the secret nature of the evidence making it impossible for administrative detainees or their lawyers to mount a defense.▦2220J0630272FCR▒The judges found that, "His work suggests that the semantics in an individual's writing could be correlated with their psychological health and risk of suicide." While the app is not currently downloadable, Pachipala hopes that, as an undergraduate at MIT, he can continue working on it.➷2220Y0630154KCR◥She had been reported missing hours earlier — at 12:35 a.m. on Friday — police in Longview, a town some 24 miles south-by-southwest of the lake, told NPR.↱

➘If her case were to be reconsidered, she's optimistic the outcome might be different. In an affidavit submitted five years after Miller's conviction, the jury foreman said that had he and other jurors known about several key pieces of information that failed to come up at trial, they "would not have found Jill Miller guilty of the charge of second degree murder."↹2220Y5000392MXR☈Democrats remain critical of any efforts to link debt ceiling negotiations to legislation that would require work requirements for those on assistance programs.✉

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