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◐Biden was set to meet McCarthy, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer at the White House to continue talks on lifting the nation's debt limit, which expires as soon as early June. A meeting on Tuesday ended with no resolution.✄GA1206A270GBCBR31G█Unique as he is in many ways, Trump is not the first president to gaze out the White House windows and wonder if one day he might wake up behind bars.Θ1812Y2K50471FCR⇏"I want to be a tool for you," Cartes told Peña during the celebrations. "I want you to be sure that the Colorado Party is going to be your best tool."◊MA0402YV333M100➻"It is looking more and more like an intentional act," Sandoval told the station.♜

▢"Give me an example of when the effect on coworkers would do that?" Justice Amy Coney Barrett asked.▣1331-823K○In recent years, it's faced allegations of improperly close ties to the Conservative Party, which controls the UK government and the BBC budget.↕


☼Tobias Straumann, an economic history professor at University of Zurich, said the merger was the right move because the U.S. bank collapses and the danger to Credit Suisse was "an international banking crisis in the making."↢2225Y2500122GCR▪"Usually we've found that it's counterproductive in such a delicate situation as returning wrongfully detained Americans home to make public all of the work that we're doing to secure their release," State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller told reporters in Washington on Monday.¤2220J0250272JFRⓥThe two-night packages start at about $4,800 for two people, and go up to $5,299 for two adults and one child and $5,999 for three adults and one child. Prices include lodging, meals and admission to Hollywood Studios.▁BSR315PL6327HTSA1™Markey issued a statement Tuesday calling on the other automakers to follow Ford’s lead, saying that “Ford’s reversal reflects an overdue realization about the importance of AM radio, but too many automakers are still going the wrong direction.”⇋

❐In his closing argument, Archibald said his client was in the thrall of a man she sees as a messiah and her eternal soulmate. He also said prosecutors failed to directly tie Vallow Daybell to her children's deaths. DNA evidence such as hair on a piece of tape, Archibald said, could have resulted from a mother's normal behavior.➫C1206X240M8HAC7800£But the justices, for now, left the case in the hands of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which has scheduled oral arguments in the case for May 17. However the 5th Circuit rules, the case will almost certainly end up back at the Supreme Court, with the potential for a decision in the case next term.ⓔ


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0805J2000471JDT▧The North Canterbury Hunting Competition is open to both kids and adults, and aims to manage invasive species and raise money for local causes — specifically, a school and pool in the rural village of Rotherham.➡8532-40J➳"Our hearts are hurting, and we have considered what would be best for our students in the coming days," the school wrote in a letter to parents, adding that classes would continue, but upcoming graduation ceremonies scheduled for the week were postponed. Grief counselors would also be made available to students throughout the week.☽

▣MAKRIDIS: You're left with this cognitive dissonance thing where one part of your brain saying, well, we don't know. And then you read the rest saying, Yes, we do know.☌


☼And yet, he says, images of people using these common, crucial safety devices have generally been hard to find — especially when it comes to people from historically excluded communities.◇CWR11FK156KCB■Several marine species — including dolphins, whales, sea turtles and many fish — make long annual migrations, crossing national borders and the high seas. Efforts to protect them, along with human communities that rely on fishing or tourism related to marine life, have long proven difficult for international governing bodies.☟NXPSC20650WQ◑ISLAMABAD — Pakistani security forces surrounded the home of the former Prime Minister Imran Khan in Lahore on Thursday, in a further escalation of a political crisis that has gripped the country for over a year.☪C0402C122K8HAC7867▨Those regulations could include requiring airlines to compensate passengers as well as cover their meals, hotel rooms and rebooking fees in cases of preventable delays and cancelations.♦

☆Qalili resident Bilal Suleiman said his family woke to "violent bombing" that shattered their windows. "I immediately gathered my wife and children and got them out of the house in case there was another strike," he said.£1206J2000561JXR➢Progressive politics ran in his family. William Hodding Carter III was born April 7, 1935, in New Orleans, to William Hodding Carter Jr. and Betty Werlein Carter. They moved to Greenville, Mississippi, recruited by a group of community leaders to start a weekly newspaper that evolved into the Delta Democrat-Times.☞


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