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MMBTH11⇖A Royal Caribbean spokesperson said the ship's crew is working with local authorities on search and rescue operations. Quantum of the Seas left Brisbane on April 12, and was scheduled to arrive in Honolulu on April 28.➢VJ0402Y391JLXAJ32◙Duane, who has also spoken to Casiano, is now the lead attorney in a lawsuit challenging Texas's abortion bans announced last month.□


▨"Frequently, we will talk about gender-affirming care as life-saving health care. And we're not saying that to be dramatic," says Dr. Angela Kade Goepferd, chief education officer and medical director of the Gender Health program at Children's Minnesota. Kade Goepferd says kids who can't access care "are at significantly higher risk of worse mental health outcomes, including suicidality."⇔C323C432JAG5TA▬In November 2019, Carroll filed her first lawsuit, accusing Trump of defamation. The lawsuit has since been tied up in federal court over the question of whether Trump can be sued over statements made while he was president. The proposed amendments filed this week seek to modify this first lawsuit, which had originally sought an unspecified amount in damages.ⓛMA0201CG2R4C500▐"It was an avalanche of fans who overran the gate. Some were still under the metal in the tunnel. Others managed to make it to the stands and then to the field and were smothered," an unidentified volunteer with the Rescue Commandos first aid group told journalists.☆BC547B▫Authorities have said that people caught with illegal weapons once the amnesty period ends could face prison sentences of up to 15 years, if they are convicted.▤

☜Dunkle is referring to potential fines levied by the U.S. Department of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control if an organization facilitates or makes a payment to cybercriminals.™C1206C473JAREC】"There's a pretty strong chance that they will find receptive judges to block some of these programs, if not both of them," explained Rose. "What does the administration do if those tools are taken away?"√


▫But all that has changed. Antioch is now 36% white, 35% Latino, and 20% Black, according to the 2020 census. The shift happened both gradually and quickly. At first, Black people and other people of color moved here for the reasons everyone else did: bigger houses, better schools, a shot at the suburban American dream.♪C322C129B3G5TA☀Generally, a six-year statute of limitations applies to agency actions. Plaintiffs have argued that the FDA's later decisions to expand access to the drug — including in 2021, when it formally allowed the drug to be dispensed via mail — essentially restarted that clock, reopening the door to challenge the approval altogether.☍BCR5KM-12LA-1#B00▋Former President Donald Trump's administration blocked efforts to get questions about sexual orientation and gender identity onto a Census Bureau survey that's considered a testing ground for changes to the forms for the decennial national head count.☂CHV1206N630102JCT☍Barr found that some of the problems at Silicon Valley Bank were unique, based on its heavy concentration in the tech industry, its shoddy risk-management practices, and its large share of uninsured deposits — which customers raced to withdraw when problems surfaced.◆

⇡The plan would allow independent experts to review and test AI technologies ahead of public release and give users access to the results.•JANTX1N4984US◑But these chapters also contain striking reflections on living with absence. "How do you learn to cherish yourself, your life, when grief has made it unrecognizable?" Chung writes. "I am starting to feel that we do so not by trying to fill a void that can never be filled but by living as best as we can in this strange, yawning terrain our loved ones have left behind, exploring its jagged boundaries and learning to see it as something new." It's a line that recalls the book's title, borrowed from a phrase in a Marie Howe poem called "For Three Days": "...because even grief provides a living remedy." This book does not fill the void left behind by Chung's parents and others lost to our broken systems, but it provides a powerful remembrance and a path forward.♪

☆Ovidio Guzmán had not been one of El Chapo's better-known sons until an aborted operation to capture him three years ago. That attempt similarly set off violence in Culiacan that ultimately led President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to order the military to let him go.☁


■But the actions being taken in Washington could help preserve some access — at least for patients living in or visiting that state — to mifepristone. Medical experts say that protocol for medication abortion is considered the gold standard, because it's more predictable and often less painful for patients.↯1206Y5000360GQT❤The five deceased victims have been identified as Joshua Barrick, Deana Eckert, Tommy Elliott, Juliana Farmer and James Tutt.⇖C3225JB2A684K160AA↗One of them, Ruben Borukhov, testified at Nasyrova's trial that she drugged him during a date, after which he woke up with $2,600 in unknown charges on his credit card and a missing watch, the New York Post reports.☼GCM31C5C3A102JX03K♥And while San Diego State overcame a 14-point deficit in the semifinals, the Aztecs could never complete a comeback against the Huskies.«

❄At least five people were killed, Graham wrote, noting that he was withholding the names of the dead to make sure their families could be notified first.▃CWR19FK106KBBC⇒During one delivery, nurses struggled to communicate with an Afghan refugee who came from the nearby military post to give birth. The remote translation service they typically used was inaccessible because of the cyberattack.◑

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