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1206Y0500390FQTЮMabry, who opened Pearl Bar in 2013, said she decided to open the bar to provide a safe space for those in the LGBTQ+ community. But given the slew of anti-LGBTQ+ bills passing through the Texas Legislature, she believes it has impacted her business' chance for a new policy.⇦MLP2520K1R0ST0S1¤RATHER: This is a CBS News special report – Dan Rather reporting from CBS News World Headquarters in New York. The secretary of state for the United States Colin Powell is appearing before the United Nations Security Council here in New York City to prevent, to present evidence Saddam Hussein is violating the council resolution.●


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SR152A3R0DAR⚘"This is different and the attacks were particularly violent and brazen," Pytel said at a Tuesday press conference, adding that in the most recent two attacks, the "suspect didn't seem to care there were several witnesses" who could identify him.➯CDR32BP471BKYSAP❧Angel of Empire, the 4-1 favorite, was another half-length back in third in front of a crowd of 150,335 on a warm and partly cloudy day at Churchill Downs. He paid $4.70 to show.▉

╬After the Civil War, Thompson says, Comstock wound up in New York and became a "vice reformer" — an activist leading efforts to oppose those types of behaviors. As part of this work, Comstock assembled a large collection of items he found objectionable that he'd obtained in places like brothels and sex shops.↙

↯But Musk tempered expectations ahead of the launch by saying the super heavy booster was part of an older design and the next booster in development already has a better chance of flight.▪

╬The centerpiece of the museum are the Orpheus and Sirens, from the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, that Italy had been trying to recover for 30 years.◈


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