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☪"We would need to establish a special court," Rapp told CBS News. "The establishment of international tribunal that would include judges around the world that could prosecute him and others. And it could include the Belarusian leaders because they've allowed their territory to be used in this invasion."▨1812Y1000104MXRE03➦Russia's Victory Day ceremony traditionally echoes the grand military parades of the Soviet era, yet was scaled back amid the war in Ukraine.❒1782R-13J✚"We have created a strong following through edgy and unique content that allows us to educate an audience who might be less aware of Paralympic sport and the achievements of our athletes," he added. "We appreciate that not everyone will like the content and sometimes we don't get it right, but we do closely monitor posts, always converse in reactions to them, and learn from all feedback."→C0402C209C5GALTU▄Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who had a prolonged absence from the Senate as she recovered from shingles, says she is still experiencing some side effects from the virus that may affect her work now that she's back in Washington.¤

ぃIt's a year of notable firsts for the National Recording Registry.➨VJ0805D330FXAAJ☣I have three daughters. My first daughter, Eugenia Nibie, is a petroleum geologist in Ghana. She has a daughter and is married. My second daughter, Eunice Deide, works with Republic Bank in Ghana. She's also married and has a son. And my little daughter, Euget Zevi, is based in the U.S., is married, has a son and works as a manager with Whirlpool.☭


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0603Y0631P50BCR◦In addition to the new rules, the Transportation Department has expanded its online Airline Customer Service Dashboard, which tracks each airline's policies on refunds and compensation when flights are cancelled or delayed.★CDR33BP112BKUSAB❁In the end, all five of the justices who affirmed the draft held the line, so the draft became the ruling of the court and the law of the land.↯


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1330-06J▉As for how the Jeep came to be in the lake, the sheriff's department says it hasn't turned up anything suspicious about the incident. The boat ramp the vehicle apparently used to drive into the lake sits after a slight curve from a long and roughly straight rural road.↑106-681FMany church leaders say that the COVID-19 pandemic was an added blow, simply amplifying an already well-established trend toward shrinking attendance. But Payne says, "COVID actually gave us the space to take a pause and use that time constructively to make these decisions."ღ


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DPO-3.0-150♖In the meantime, Eisa had to embark on a perilous journey to escape the city with dozens of his family members.▯NTE53016♝Doyle Brunson, nicknamed the "Godfather of Poker," has died. He was 89.♥


☜Just one tank — a World War II-era Soviet T-34 model — rumbled across Red Square.♦C321C392G3G5TA▤John Timothy Concepcion barely slept as Typhoon Mawar tore through Guam.⇩1808J0165P60CFR↙But what the island lacks in amenities, it makes up for in views. The Scottish government designates areas special scientific sites due to their representation of "natural heritage" in flora, fauna, geology and more, which means you can count on the nature to deliver.㊣1825J0630183FCT⇦A nonprofit group called Safehouse has been negotiating with the U.S. Justice Department, hoping to open supervised injection clinics in Philadelphia.☆

☛Pakistan's Supreme Court has ruled that former Prime Minister Imran Khan's arrest earlier this week was illegal and that he should be released immediately.◈VLCF4028T-6R8N1R3-2ⓞ"Financial decision making is very challenging cognitively," says Dr. Jason Karlawish, a specialist in geriatrics and memory care at the University of Pennsylvania's Penn Memory Center. "If you have even mild cognitive impairment, you can make mistakes with finances, even though you're otherwise doing generally OK in your daily life."«


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