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1206J1000122GQT☜The result wasn't close. City Hall said on its website about 103,000 people voted, with 89% rejecting e-scooters and just 11% supporting them.➦C323C565M3R5TA⇟The contested products will be removed from all of Target’s U.S. stores and its website, Reuters reported, adding that while other items were under review, only Abprallen merchandise had been removed.➳


◊VATICAN CITY — In an Easter message highlighting hope, Pope Francis on Sunday invoked prayers for both the Ukrainian and Russian people, praised nations which welcome refugees and called on Israelis and Palestinians wracked by the latest surge in deadly violence to forge a "climate of trust."◀CBR06C100JAGAC►If you've ever been part of a specific music scene, you know that every scene has its own unspoken rules, taboos and, of course, sense of style.↩CDR31BP220BJZPATº"It landed in the mountains at 1,000 meters altitude, and 10 kilometers from the closest settlement," Philip Ohlsson, head of communications at SSC, told Reuters.⇕195D106X5016X4T▭Also Saturday, the navy planned to hold "live fire training" in Luoyuan Bay in Fujian province opposite Taiwan, the local Maritime Authority announced. Ships were banned during the firing, which also was due to take place on five dates over the next two weeks.○

⊙Alegre, a lawyer who heads the Liberal party, the second-largest political force in Congress, was making his third bid for the presidency, though this time he represented a mix of political parties.▫2220Y4K00120JCT◙"Airports are jam-packed, so it's not that people aren't traveling as much," Sharif said. "But the pressure on air fares from jet fuel costs has receded."☼


█Bhagavathy knows what she's talking about. Now in her mid-60s, she has been collecting seaweed since she was 7.»C0603X151F5HAC7867☁"Well done Andy. We'll miss you brother," Marr added.▨CTB16-1200CPT☭By the time of his arrest last year, "Salazar had become so involved in drug trafficking that he was commissioning a Mexican songwriter to write a drug ballad known as a 'narcocorrido about him," the U.S. attorney's office said.✿AIML-1206HC-2R2M-T☺As for the church itself, built in 1915, the imposing Renaissance Revival-style stone structure along with a rectory and the school stand vacant and for sale, a local real estate agent confirmed. The asking price is $1.7 million.☀

☪Historical fiction writers live in three time zones simultaneously: The past is what they aim to interrogate imaginatively, the present is what they seek to interpret through that recreated past, and the future is what they hope to influence through a newly interpreted present.❤1808Y0160821MXT↹The school and the cremation company knew nothing of the sales until they were contacted by the FBI last summer, she said. The company fired Scott immediately.↕


☀When I'm feeling stressed, I take a walk outside in the sun or in a green space like a park or a forest. Despite the noise in my head, the sounds of nature, including those of birds, wind and rain, comfort me. -Whayoung Cha, Seoul, South Korea♈STTH208UFY】Ocean's show was long-anticipated — in part because the singer-songwriter was scheduled to headline at Coachella in 2020 when the music festival was postponed due to COVID.❣CWR19MH106KBHB\TR100↕PEN galas have long been a combination of literature, politics, activism and celebrity, with attendees ranging from Alec Baldwin to Sen. Angus King of Maine. Other honorees Thursday included "Saturday Night Live" producer Lorne Michaels and the imprisoned Iranian journalist and activist Narges Mohammadi, who was given the PEN/Barbey Freedom to Write Award.♕1206AC181KAT1A◦Trees were uprooted and homes turned into piles of splinters. One building was flipped on its side. Drone footage showed emergency crews peering into the wreckage with flashlights.➷

✿As for China's 12-point proposal for peace in Ukraine, Rapp said that given Beijing's human rights records, "I don't think it can be taken at face value. And knowing the Chinese and when they've been involved in various situations, their idea is to put [aside] accountability or justice."Θ150D474X9020A2B▒"The No. 1 step is just letting them know out of the gate, no matter what's going on, that we love them," said Brittany Kitchens, the school's recovery coach. "We are here for them."❀

✒"A new host will be announced as soon as possible, with the dates of the tournament currently remaining unchanged," FIFA said.


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