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✆Retired businessman Gary Wasserson had never worked in the nonprofit world, but today he calls himself a humanitarian.➨2225J0160183KDT♢She contacted the Oregon Historical Society and its Oregon Geographic Names Board to propose the name be changed to Umpqua Mountain, according to McClain's proposal. She said that when Mount Halo was proposed, she felt it was a better fit and withdrew her submission.◊1206J0500331GCR◐With the recent murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd on his mind, Cooke began to create comics about their lives, and how they'd been cut short by violence.↕SK13E3/TR13ⓞMissouri is among the 38 states with a Stand Your Ground law, a criminal defense doctrine that allows people to use physical force if they "reasonably believe" they are under threat, with no duty to retreat. The state also has a "castle doctrine," which generally allows a resident to use deadly force against someone who unlawfully enters their home.⇌

▍The district attorney said the teens will be tried as adults as required by Alabama law when anyone 16 or older is charged with murder.✲1210R-681G↪"My biggest joy [would be] to see this film in my hometown, Lahore," Sadiq says. "I have already filed a suit in Lahore high court to be able to undo the ban in Punjab." But the trans performer Rahimi thinks it's best that the film not be released in Punjab for fear of additional backlash. She fears for her safety in public spaces.✒


↽The annual list usually includes a mix of popular songs, radio broadcasts, significant speeches and more, all intended to define the sound of the country's history and culture. But, for the first time, it will include the music of a female rapper and the soundtrack of a video game.◑TPSA106M010R0900➽Griffiths: I do recall one man, I'm hesitant to give this example but I will, he came to believe in the reality of God. But what was so interesting is that this changed his whole frame of reference.➩1812Y1K00182JXT✿Carroll first made the allegations public in the summer of 2019 with the publication of her memoir What Do We Need Men For: A Modest Proposal.↜C1206C471M4HACAUTO→Scarpino agrees there could be problems.☠

➷The city, which was named Artyomovsk after a Bolshevik revolutionary when Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union, also was known for its sparkling wine production in underground caves. Its broad tree-lined avenues, lush parks and stately downtown with imposing late 19th-century mansions — all now reduced to a smoldering wasteland — made it a popular tourist destination.❤GRM0335C1H121JA01D◥NAKHLEH: My name is Emile Nakhleh.➦


➯A young activist, Shagoofa Khan, prominent in organizing protests in Antioch, including a hunger strike in front of the police station, was also mentioned in the texts. She "looks like an Arabian nights cum dumpster," a sergeant wrote.▼C320C820J3G5TA7301➽The tragedy propelled grief-stricken Kushner to look to the Bible to boldly confront issues of suffering, fairness and the role of an omnipotent God — a task that many have ventured to explain but very few have answered as effectively and gracefully as him.⇤H5N2901FN-EDespite all the obstacles, Bausch says he's "excited" by several recent scientific developments in the field of diagnostics.●1812Y1000562KER➱The wreck of the Montevideo Maru was located after a 12-day search at a depth of over 4000 meter (13,120 feet) — deeper than the Titanic — off Luzon island in the South China Sea, using an autonomous underwater vehicle with in-built sonar.◫

♤RATHER: This is a CBS News special report – Dan Rather reporting from CBS News World Headquarters in New York. The secretary of state for the United States Colin Powell is appearing before the United Nations Security Council here in New York City to prevent, to present evidence Saddam Hussein is violating the council resolution.↩CC0603MPY5V9BB473✪This led to another analytic mistake: confirmation bias.☁


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T495B226M010ATA1K5✏The bill "protects Montana children from permanent, life-altering medical procedures until they are adults, mature enough to make such serious decisions," Gianforte wrote in his letter accompanying the amendments.✡CDR35BP682BFWSAR«Nearly 150 Palestinians were killed in the West Bank and east Jerusalem in 2022, making it the deadliest year in those areas since 2004, according to the leading Israeli rights group B'Tselem. Palestinian attacks against Israelis during that same time killed 30 people.♪


▒"That's who Donald Trump is. That is how he thinks. And that's what he does," Kaplan said. "He thinks he can get away with it here."☾CDR01BX331BKWSAR▒Although Tangaraju was not caught with the cannabis, prosecutors said phone numbers traced him as the person responsible for coordinating the delivery of the drugs. Tangaraju had maintained that he was not the one communicating with the others connected to the case.☽APT60D100LCTG✣Murray's bill focuses on improving access to birth control pills, which prevent pregnancy. But the proposal comes amidst other battles over access to reproductive health care, including ongoing litigation in the federal courts over the abortion pill, mifepristone. That drug is widely used in combination with another medication to terminate mostly first-trimester pregnancies, and to treat patients experiencing miscarriages.★9130-72▫"The battalion is devastated and mourning the loss of three of our best," said Lt. Col. Matthew C. Carlsen, the 1-25th AB commander. Their loss can't be compared to the suffering felt by the soldiers' families, he said.◦

↷NEW DELHI — "I have resigned," the journalist declared in a YouTube video last November. "You won't hear me on NDTV anymore saying, 'Hello, I'm Ravish Kumar.'" And with that, the longtime face of New Delhi Television, one of India's oldest news broadcasting channels, stepped down.▣1808Y2K00152JXT◄It comes five months after a federal judge sentenced Holmes to 11 years behind bars for misleading investors about her blood-testing startup, which landed her on the cover of national magazines and made her a darling of Silicon Valley.♨

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