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Post Date:2023-05-26 11:52:38

➥"In these high-stakes defamation suits," says Rutgers law professor Ronald Chen, an authority on media law, "very often litigation is not the way for either of them to get complete satisfaction."♞

⊙The unclassified assessment, released Wednesday by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), reflected the views of seven agencies that participated in the inquiry.▬

☂Kaplan recounted the testimony of two women who say they too were attacked sexually by Trump.➶

❉El-Faham shared a screenshot with CBS News that showed the scammers warning users of "fake" apps, asking them — in poorly written Arabic — to "please be cautious, those scammers have a low-tech level, and they are stupid enough to copy our system layout. Keep your eyes open."✁


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GCM0335C1E7R8BA16D➼Born generations apart in vastly different worldly circumstances, Donald J. Trump and William Jennings Bryan would appear to have little in common beyond their middle initial.◢5609ºShe added, "This kind of expulsion, while deeply problematic from a democracy standpoint, provides a good way to score those points."§


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