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↓Once the final arguments were complete, the judge sent the jury home with instructions to return Tuesday to hear about an hour of instructions before beginning deliberations. Jurors will be asked to decide whether Trump committed battery and defamed writer E. Jean Carroll and whether damages should be awarded.◙


◐Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said Biden's appointing a point person for negotiations is similar to what McConnell recommended former President Trump do in 2019 when there were similar debt default concerns.✉GCM219R72A682MA37D▨"In a promotional video, a man introduced the company with a claim that it was founded in Colorado in♦T491B475M016ZTPB01あThere are estimated to be hundreds of thousands of wrecks in the world, from ancient wooden ships in the Black Sea to World War II vessels in the Gulf of Mexico, Weirich says.✐IAUC100N04S6L014ATMA1⇛"Without a doubt, the political earthquake that occurred today calls on us all to speed up the process for a definitive government solution so our country can have an experienced hand at its helm as soon as possible," he said.↧

۰"We have seen them provide non-lethal support to Russia for use in Ukraine," Blinken said in an interview on "Face the Nation." "The concern that we have now is based on information we have that they're considering providing lethal support, and we've made very clear to them that that would cause a serious problem for us and in our relationship."♔1111J3000241GQT❐As its name implies, clear-air turbulence occurs in the absence of clouds or bad weather. It's caused by wind shear — sudden changes in wind speed and direction — at altitudes above 15,000 feet.▱

✃The recent tensions stem from disagreement over how the RSF, headed by Dagalo, should be integrated into the armed forces and what authority should oversee the process. The merger is a key condition of Sudan's unsigned transition agreement with political groups.↪


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C1812C241FZGACTU☁Disclosure: This story was reported and written by NPR Tech Reporter Bobby Allyn and edited by Business Editor Lisa Lambert. Under NPR's protocol for reporting on itself, no corporate official or news executive reviewed this story before it was posted publicly.↯1210J1000334MXT◄The remains of the men, women and children are believed to be Parisii, a Gallic people who lived in Lutetia, from when the town on the banks of the Seine river was under the control of the Roman Empire.§


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FR306GP-TP❤Police initially suspected the woman of murdering a friend in Ratchaburi province, west of Bangkok, in mid-April.✃NRS4012T4R7MDGJღThe first of seven books in the series, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, was first published in the United Kingdom in 1997, and the final book was published in 2007. Each book was a bestseller.⇈

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