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»Burns grabbed his slingshot and went outside. He said he shot his sister's attacker twice — once with a green marble and once with a gravel rock.▓CDR32BP300BFUR\1ˍAt points Monday morning, a rotating group of reporters, courthouse clerks and staffers filled every seat in the courtroom, eager to get a brief glimpse of DiCaprio. Security officers ringed the back of the room and the hallway.❤13008-071KESC⊿Murdaugh, who was sentenced to life in prison without parole in March for the 2021 murders of his wife, Maggie, 52, and son Paul, 22, has been charged with counts of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and bank fraud, and committing bank fraud, wire fraud and money laundering, according to prosecutors.◘CDR31BX102BKWR\M1K☪"Haha that would [be] sickkk," Musk said.⇕

⇞My predecessor, Rosemary Kayess from Australia, started this. Her predecessor, Danlami Basharu from Nigeria, worked on it as well. And I will continue that work.♪SCH114-820➛Temporary Assistance for Needy Families money helped pay for pet projects of the wealthy, including $5 million for a volleyball arena that Favre supported at his alma mater, the University of Southern Mississippi, Mississippi Auditor Shad White said. Favre's daughter played volleyball at the school starting in 2017.↭

◩The form requires you to input your name, address, contact information, birthday, Facebook handle and payment information.▎


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MLG1005SR27JT000♀His Q&A hits a snag when someone asks him to respond to a very tasteless joke that Matsson has made about Living+ and, uh, concentration camps. He plays it off.◎M39003/01-2820H♠Trump, who denies any wrongdoing, is expected to appear in a Manhattan courtroom on Tuesday for his arraignment.☁


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BZX84-C75,235▎"HIV doesn't have a public health emergency declaration, tetanus doesn't have a public health emergency declaration, and yet people stay up to date with vaccinations and treatments," says Dr. Amesh Adalja, senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, "People don't need a public health emergency to take something seriously."▍C1206C119C8HAC7800⊡At least 234 people died as the result of clothing storage unit tip-overs between January 2000 and April 2022, according to the CPSC, 199 of whom were kids. The agency estimates that 5,300 clothing storage tip-over injuries sent people to hospitals each year from 2006 to 2021.✉


✯When Gorman recited "The Hill We Climb" at the U.S. Capitol building, the poem was hailed as an inspirational message for a country that has long toiled to form a more perfect union.♥VJ1812A332GXAAT♣Last year, members of the New Black Panther Party and other activists, began showing up at addresses associated with the aging Donham, including in North Carolina and Kentucky. They were there to serve unofficial "warrants" for her arrest and trial.♡ISC1210ER560K↵Today the nomadic people live mostly modern lifestyles but still tend reindeer."➥C0402C759D8HAC7867☜In a series of emails sent to this reporter, Musk said he would transfer the network's main account on Twitter, under the @NPR handle, to another organization or person. The idea shocked even longtime observers of Musk's spur-of-the-moment and erratic leadership style.▐

▔The court recommended the Federal Prison Camp at Bryan, Texas, about 100 miles outside of Houston, where Holmes has family.♨C1210C224K5JAC7800♀French President Emmanuel Macron, meanwhile, said Sunday that he had asked his defense minister to "work on" the idea of sending some of France's Leclerc battle tanks to Ukraine.✪


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