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△Results from the government's first-ever national inventory of mature and old-growth forests on federal land were obtained by The Associated Press in advance of the public release.☂5800-151⇘TUNIS, Tunisia — The number of people killed in a gun attack on a synagogue on the Tunisian island of Djerba during an annual Jewish pilgrimage has risen to five, Tunisia's TAP news agency said Wednesday. The victims were two Jewish pilgrims and three Tunisian police guards.➬1808J2000220KDT♂MARGARET BRENNAN: On that law. It, as we just talked about with- with Mr. Hutchinson, it gave a billion dollars for school mental health resources, about 188 million has been awarded to about 30 states so far, is that money moving fast enough? Is there more that can be done with these resources already allocated?▎ZMY100☋The senator, who has represented South Carolina in the Senate since 2013, portrays himself as a true conservative with a positive story to tell.✄

➭The runner's persistence was also noted by Cambodian King Norodom Sihamoni, who said he was proud of her for reminding everyone that sports are about more than winning and losing.↔GRM0225C1H110JA03L✿The sheriff's office first issued an alert on Monday morning, saying it was searching for 14-year-old Ivy Webster.░


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0603YC332J4T2A❏GREEN: Most of my analysts were very experienced Iraq hands. They had studied all aspects of Iraq for years. Every one of them assessed that he would never we give WMD to terrorists or anyone else. Saddam was ruthless and cautious with a touch of paranoia. He did not believe in long term alliances. He assumed that any one of that weapons that anyone who received weapons from him would one day use them against Iraq.⊕STW20N60M2-EP↕In March, the parties — both Carroll and Trump — filed a motion requesting that the two cases be consolidated into a single trial. U.S. District Judge Lewis A. Kaplan denied that motion, meaning the cases are still separate.↟


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BAS40-04-7-F-79▤DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Saudi Arabia and other major oil producers on Sunday announced surprise cuts totaling up to 1.15 million barrels per day from May until the end of the year, a move that could raise prices worldwide.♀DDTA114YKA-7-F➳The San Francisco Police Department said in a press release that officers responded to a report of a stabbing on Main Street at 2:35 a.m. Tuesday and found a 43-year-old man suffering from apparent stab wounds. The victim died at a hospital.◈


↕He said he heard pops while in the office waiting room, but mistook them for a motorcycle backfiring. It was the office TV in the waiting room that alerted Johnson and the other patients of the attack.░GCM21BR71H104JA37K➘In this special episode of "Intelligence Matters," host Michael Morell speaks with five former senior CIA officers about the agency's work before, during and after the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003. With personal recollections and reflections, Morell offers a candid walkthrough of what the CIA and other intelligence agencies assessed about Saddam Hussein's intentions and weapons programs in the lead-up to the invasion, how intelligence was used within the U.S. government throughout this period, and how the consequences of the CIA's missteps - as well as its successes — continue to reverberate today.◥HSMS-8209-TR2G↔He went on to speak about grieving with hope — a sermon that he planned a year ago for his Palm Sunday service, but became eerily appropriate this week.▦100X14X105MV4T▋There are only a handful of other examples worldwide of scientists attempting to catch and inoculate endangered wildlife for conservation. In 2016, scientists began to vaccinate Hawaiian monk seals against a deadly strain of morbillivirus. Two and a half years ago, biologists in Brazil began to vaccinate golden lion tamarins against yellow fever.★

卍Xi made the call to Zelenskyy after weeks of intensifying pressure from Western leaders to use his influence with Putin to broker a deal toward ending the war in Ukraine, which began with Russia's invasion in late February 2022.↔CQ0805CRNPO9BN5R6➡In the end, the analysts compromised and the NIE said Saddam might share WMD with Al Qaeda if his regime and his own existence were on the line.  The analysts chose those two words carefully -- "might" and "if."£

✏"These medicines are the opening to a whole new era of treating metabolic disease," says Dr. Louis Aronne, an obesity specialist at Weill Cornell Medicine, one of the co-authors of the SURMOUNT-1 study. "They're finally in the range of bariatric surgery," Aronne says, noting that it could give people an alternative to the surgery, with potentially few side effects. Aronne has been studying weight loss drugs for many years and is a consultant for Eli Lilly.➽


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