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➢Only hours earlier, Russian state new agencies reported that President Vladimir Putin congratulated "Wagner assault detachments, as well as all servicemen of the Russian Armed Forces units, who provided them with the necessary support and flank protection, on the completion of the operation to liberate Artyomovsk," which is Bakhmut's Soviet-era name.▬


▫Authorities from local police departments have declined to share recordings of the recent calls to the dispatch centers, citing an ongoing FBI investigation. However, many have shared descriptions in public statements emailed to residents, shared with local journalists, or posted on social media.↺NTE5248AK↟Still, the mounting hype over a possible new album shows Ocean fans still have an appetite for more music — regardless of the wait.➼CCR06CG561FS♚That reflects the violence surrounding the creation of India and Pakistan. "The treaty was in some ways, the unfinished business of partition," Alam says, referring to when the British divided their former colony into two countries: India and Pakistan. The partition triggered murderous sectarian violence. Millions of Muslims fled to Pakistan; Millions of Hindus and Sikhs fled to India. The brutality of partition led water negotiators to the conclusion that the two countries would not be able to share water, so the treaty divided up the rivers instead.◇1812J0500105JXT➢According to the National Association of Broadcasters and Nielsen data, more than 80 million people in the U.S. listen to AM radio every month.♈

↗In January, the chain defaulted on some of its loans, prompting those lenders to cut off its credit. The company began striking last-chance deals to stay afloat, selling more shares, asking landlords for breaks on rent and even having another company pay for its merchandise. In mid-April, its stock price sank to 24 cents.▢C0805X139D3HAC7800✤Each of the single-panel illustrations drawn by Cooke tells the story of a specific police violence-related incident that occurred. Throughout each panel, Cooke recaps what happened during the encounter, while avoiding graphic depictions of the event.▃

☆"He inspired 3 generations of poker players w his play, his award winning book 'Super System,' and his fabulous style and grit," Hellmuth said in a tweet. "Doyle always played hard: the man absolutely hated losing!! Doyle ruled the high stakes cash games in Las Vegas for 50 years!!"•


▧Being targeted once can mean a person is vulnerable to future scams. A stolen Medicare number can be used repeatedly to get payment for all kinds of things or sold to other fraudsters, says María Alvarez, who oversees New York state's Senior Medicare Patrol. The organization helps identify and educate beneficiaries about Medicare fraud throughout the country.▼C410C200FAG5TA7200➣Other deaths from the storms that hit Friday night into Saturday were reported in Alabama and Mississippi.☇1210Y2000180KFR↭"Growing up, it was valuable to see people fighting for those who didn't have a voice," Chávez Rodriguez said, "farmworkers who are the poorest and least educated and then to empower them, create an opportunity for them to step forward and negotiate with employers, with industries. The power dynamics are pretty intense."☼M39003/01-6384/HSD☜"It's hard to confuse a koala with any other animals — they're pretty easy to spot," said Jodie Wakeman, veterinary care and clinical director at Friends of the Koala, a nonprofit that runs a wildlife hospital where the koalas are being brought for vaccination.◦

▄In their statement, Springer's family asked fans to "make a donation or commit and act of kindness to someone in need" in his memory, noting "as he always said, 'Take care of yourself, and each other.' "↣CWR26KC106JCGC\HR⇈VOG: This is the CBS Evening News with Dan Rather reporting from CBS News Headquarters in New York.◊

↪The provisional death toll, announced late on Friday by the provincial governor, was at least 176 dead.▊

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