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↔The platform's high-profile malfunctioning was not exactly surprising to those who have been observing the social media site since Musk took it over.◦105R-271H○As women age, the effect of weight on their wealth gets worse. The National Institutes of Health published a report that found that the financial net worth of moderately to severely obese women ages 51 to 61 was 40% lower than that of normal-weight peers.♣VJ1812Y331JXPAT5Z✐Lee said in a tweet on Monday that she has been dealing with a "non-gymnastics health related issue" involving her kidneys.㊣1210J0100152FCR▶The threat of retaliation is the latest volley in a months-long conflict between Musk and established media organizations since the billionaire purchased Twitter in October.❤

«But as she sat in the blue light of her computer screen long after her patient left, it was hard to keep from ruminating.♤SF13G-TP◄Jurors found defendant Dominic Pezzola not guilty of seditious conspiracy. Pezzola is well known for taking a shield from a police officer on Jan. 6 and using it to bash in a window at the Capitol.♛


﹌"Some of the victims might turn into suspects if the investigations prove they knew what they were doing was illegal," said Mahmoud El-Semri.↛2220Y0500274MXR▉For the last three years, a previously obscure emergency public health order allowed politicians to temporarily sidestep one of the most complicated issues in American politics — migration at the United States' southern border. Former President Donald Trump invoked Title 42 in the spring of 2020 as COVID-19 cases were spreading. And that meant that border agents could quickly process and expel migrants. But as COVID cases dipped, the rule remained in place, allowing officials to control the flow of migrants.㊣TZX16A-TAP↴But Manchec “made the mistake” of traveling to the Dominican Republic, where authorities would extradite him to the United States, the sheriff said. Law enforcement tracked him there in December 2020, arrested him the following month and brought him to the Indian River County jail, where he’s remained ever since.➯195D106X5016X4T•Pyatt, the fire chief, said his thoughts were with the families of those who had perished and with the crews who had rescued those they could and tried to rescue those they couldn't.✌

❈6 a.m.❤0603J0250152MXT☈The Michigan State Police said an 8-year-old girl in Alpena Township in Northern Michigan was hunting for mushrooms in her yard earlier this month when a 17-year-old boy appeared from the woods nearby. The boy covered the girl's mouth and attempted to kidnap her.】


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LD033C181KAB2A➟Mayo's grandchildren — Rylee Elizabeth Allen, 17, Michael James Mayo, 15 and Tiffany Dore Guess, 13 — were also found dead on site, she said.❖0805J5000681KXR☚Jones and Pearson voiced their desire to return to their seats as lawmakers in an interview with NBC's Meet the Press on Sunday.✍


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CC0603JPNPO9BN331⇔“This is how you enable a monster,” she tweeted.➢3SMBJ5938B-TP♂The warning approved Saturday by the NAACP's board of directors tells tourists that, before traveling to Florida, they should understand the state of Florida "devalues and marginalizes the contributions of, and the challenges faced by African Americans and other communities of color."♐

◐Union officials representing Planned Parenthood employees say they have been told to expect layoffs affecting 10 to 20% of the national workforce, or at least 80 people.◊

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