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유Stallings tried to surrender, tossing his weapon away and placing himself face-down on the ground with his hands out, as shown in body camera and surveillance video from the scene.✪SD2931-12W█Hamlin's marketing representative said in January that his family had arranged for The Giving Back Fund to act as a fiscal sponsor for the funds given to GoFundMe, which allowed Hamlin's team to fundraise as a charitable entity. At the time, Hamlin's team said the millions given to the GoFundMe would eventually be transferred to The Giving Back Fund, but they have not been.❄K2200GHU→Some 59% of those who have been in the U.S. more than two decades use some form of "American" to identify themselves compared with just 17% of Asian immigrants who arrive in the past 10 years.◆0505Y3000330JQT⊙Here are 10 sights you'll see at this weekend's coronation — and two you likely won't.⇒

☪BuzzFeed is shutting down its Pulitzer Prize-winning news division as part of a 15% reduction in force across the company, BuzzFeed CEO and co-founder Jonah Peretti announced.♀MJB45H11☞"The world just is, just holds their breath when things like this happen," Biden said. "And I know you know it, but the work you're doing is going to inspire countless people around our country and the world."☁


◁Sales of Bud Light fell 17% in the week ending April 15 when compared to the same week in 2022, according to an analysis of Nielsen data by Bump Williams Consulting published in The Wall Street Journal. By contrast, for the week ending April 1 — the day Mulvaney posted the video — Bud Light sales had declined only 1.6% year-over-year, the same data showed. Meanwhile, sales for rivals Coors Light and Miller Lite jumped.ぃC321C161GAG5TA⇟In the early morning hours of Friday, Raquel Garrido, 23, stood on the banks of the Rio Grande river in Matamoros, assessing whether to wade through the waters with her 10-month-old baby.☽4922-20K◐Lawyer Abdulaziz Hussein told CBS News he was representing more than 1,000 victims of the scam in Cairo alone, but that as many as 800,000 people around the country may have fallen prey to the scheme, losing as much as 6 billion pounds in total — the equivalent of about $194 million.✁1812Y0500822MDR↨The information technology team at Johnson Memorial discovered a ransomware group had infiltrated the health system's networks. The hackers left a ransom note on every server, demanding the hospital pay $3 million in Bitcoin in the next few days.☆

◑Patterson reflected a perception of Australia as a Western cultural wasteland that drove Humphries along with many leading Australian intellectuals to London.♀GA0603A181FBBAR31G↙That means a royalist, military-backed government could still return to power if they retain the backing of the 250-member, military appointed Senate. The prime minister is chosen by a simple majority of a vote by the house and the senate, meaning the royalist, military establishment could return to power with just 126 House seats.㊣

▫Each of the single-panel illustrations drawn by Cooke tells the story of a specific police violence-related incident that occurred. Throughout each panel, Cooke recaps what happened during the encounter, while avoiding graphic depictions of the event.➹

➝"On Saturday morning, April 15, we woke up to the sounds of gunfire, from that morning on we live in fear," says Hipa Salih, a Sudanese journalist. "I think we can die at any time. Nobody can feel safe in Khartoum now."★

△Most economists agree an actual default could result in a recession. A default would severely affect financial markets, increase mortgage rates and interest rates on credit cards, could cause government workers and Social Security recipients to go unpaid, and could make it difficult for businesses and citizens to borrow money.■


  1. Gives you a nice urban 'western' type film - Mel , not Clint


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