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Greek Lessons will feel like a departure from Kang's previous English-translated novels. It's an intimate and vulnerable portrayal of two lonely, middle-aged characters who can't help but gravitate toward each other. The reading experience is like that of watching a quiet indie film that tugs little by little at your heartstrings until you're rendered speechless with both sadness and hope by the final pages.☁


➭On Thursday, a U.S. contractor was killed — and five U.S. service members and a second U.S. contractor wounded — when a suspected Iranian drone hit a coalition base in Syria, according to U.S. officials.♨M39003/01-2766H↔It was 8:38 a.m. local time on the Monday after Easter, and downtown Louisville was bustling with morning commuters. Wilt and his field training officer, Cory Galloway, responded to the scene within three minutes, according to interim Police Chief Jacquelyn Gwinn-Villaroel.➭VJ0805D561KLXAR▪Starrick said the main priorities now are recovering the vehicles that were affected and assessing and reopening the road.♕VJ0603A272GXQPW1BC▦While the war is far from over, a counteroffensive late last fall pushed back Russian forces around the city. A few families from the kindergarten class have returned.۰

▀Authorities said all the victims were either bank employees or police officers.£GA0805H272JBXBT31G☭There were differences across ethnic groups, though.✚


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PBSS4360Z115ⓛEllsberg was at the time a 40-year-old Marine Corps veteran with a Harvard doctorate who had worked for the Defense and State Departments and the RAND Corporation. A "hawk" before going to Vietnam in 1965, Ellsberg had since turned against the war and the official justifications given for it.◊1210Y6300392MET◘In the 1970s, the Nixon administration used a similar tactic, with federal transportation funding as the carrot. Given the energy crisis at the time, the administration wanted states to reduce oil consumption by imposing a maximum speed limit of 55 mph. But it couldn't mandate states to do so. Instead, Nixon signed a law saying states could receive federal highway funding only if they lowered speed limits. In the end, all states complied.유

☂Meanwhile, Julie Zahringer, whose family settled in the valley from Spain nearly 400 years ago, has been watching water-quality trends firsthand. Zahringer, 47, grew up driving a tractor on her grandfather's ranch near San Luis, Colorado's oldest town — and hanging out in the lab with her mother, a scientist.↾


♣Johnson said everyone kept calm and the medical staff in the office ushered people into a secure back room while they waited for police to arrive to escort them out.☪M39003/03-0459▀Roth opened the door to a car that she thought was hers, but saw a man sitting in the passenger seat and quickly retreated to her friend's car instead. She said the man approached their vehicle, and she had just rolled down her window to apologize when he started shooting.✙0603J1006P80DCR◇What you do not want to do is to grab the tick with your bare hands and squeeze. And definitely do not attempt to force the tick out by applying home remedies, including Vaseline, fire, or rubbing alcohol. While those may cause the tick to pull itself out of the skin, they can also potentially increase the risk of a tick-borne illness.↹M39003/01-6279⊕Compared to recent actions by Republican-controlled legislatures elsewhere, the broad prohibition after 12 weeks can be viewed as less onerous to those in other states where the procedure has been banned almost completely. But abortion-rights activists have argued that it's more restrictive than meets the eye and will have far-reaching consequences. Since Roe was overturned, many patients traveling from more restrictive states have become dependent on North Carolina as a locale for abortions later in pregnancy.⇦

☼Negotiations between the administration and the unions had resulted in "significant and substantial progress," Holloway added, and he said he believed there were "only a few outstanding issues."➧BAS 70 B5003◘The Ugandan agency overseeing the work of nongovernmental organizations last year stopped the operations of Sexual Minorities Uganda, the most prominent LGBTQ organization in the country, accusing it of failing to register legally. But the group's leader said his organization had been rejected by the registrar as undesirable.▃


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