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S6X8TS2RP☜"She led the CDC at perhaps the most challenging time in its history, in the middle of an absolute crisis," says Drew Altman, president and CEO of KFF.☼DDTA144WCA-7-F➙Two in three Koreans said they would call themselves Korean or Korean American, while just one-third of Japanese adults said they describe themselves as Japanese or Japanese American.✡

⇧The owner of the home where the shooting took place said it happened after he asked Oropesa to stop firing his gun in his yard because a baby in the house was trying to sleep.◄


▣Lillian was treated for dehydration in a nearby hospital, but otherwise appears to be healthy.❀744784215A☁Some conservation work directly responds to tourism. The harassment of wildlife like dolphins, turtles and Hawaiian monk seals is a recurring problem. Hikers can unknowingly bring invasive species into the forest on their boots. Snorkelers and boats trample on coral, adding stress to reefs already struggling with invasive algae and coral bleaching.☆ER1025-43JR○The independent data regulator in the U.K. has fined TikTok 12.7 million British pounds, or about $15.9 million, for allegedly misusing the data of children under age 13, it announced Tuesday.▃C328C169C3G5TA7301⇓"NHTSA will continue to monitor this issue, spread awareness of further updates to local authorities, and lend its expertise in efforts to strengthen motor vehicle safety," the spokesperson said.↻

▥A Damascus-based Palestinian group loyal to the Syrian regime claimed responsibility for launching the three missiles Saturday, reported Beirut-based Al-Mayadeen TV.♙1812J0160122JCR↕MARGARET BRENNAN: Let's talk about that contagion risk on the other side of this commercial break. Gary, stay with us. We will be right back.↶


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2A07GHR0GぃOfficials in Montana said Sunday that nearly the entire state was being impacted by the wildfire smoke and issued an air quality alert for more than three dozen counties. Some areas were experiencing "very unhealthy" air quality levels.➸16TTS08STRR▦And then there are people like Peter Paul Togero, who lives in the dusty village of Ayom in northern Uganda. He agreed that very little has been resolved. Togero is a member of an association of 43 parents with children suffering from nodding syndrome. "If you can, ask any organization to look for the solution of those who have the syndrome," he said. "If any organization can come and assist those, they are key."↴


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S6020LTP➞Cooper has called out four GOP legislators — three House members and one senator — whom he said told voters last year that they would protect abortion access. Abortion-rights activists passed out fliers in the crowd Saturday with their names and office phone numbers. Anti-abortion groups criticized Cooper's cross-state campaign to sway one or more Republicans.◙CEP125NP-0R6NC-D♥Denton and Gawker had one vision for the future of media and it was this: revealing the naked truth. Whether it was a leaked sex-tape, a dick pic, or mining experiences purely for content, if it brought traffic, Denton wanted it, Smith writes. Such an attitude brought plenty of problems onto itself, but perhaps one of its most unintended consequences was that along the way, it produced dishonesty and self-censorship. "If Facebook's staff thought Barack Obama was the culmination of what they'd built, it turned out he was just a way station on the road to Donald Trump," Smith writes. The left-winged media's race for attention always had the right looking over its shoulder — and long after Gawker shut down in 2016, Smith notes, Denton reflected, "Transparency has to be coaxed, not forced."☌

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