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♘Friday's report comes nearly a month after an Interior Department inspector general investigation found significant health and safety issues at three tribal detention centers in the Southwest. One facility on the San Carlos Reservation in southeastern Arizona had leaky plumbing, broken lights and, most significantly, a broken air conditioning unit in the female detention pod. Temperatures regularly hover above 100 degrees in the summer on the reservation. Staff at another jail told investigators they fear that their building could collapse due to severe structural issues, including falling cinder blocks.▤


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CC0603GRNPOABN181▤One in six Australians between the ages of 14 and 17 and one-quarter of those between ages 18 and 24 have vaped, according to Butler, and the only group seeing their smoking rate increase in the country are those under 25.⇟C318C820J3G5TA7301☂As director of the White House Domestic Policy Council, Rice had broad sway on the administration's approach to health care, immigration and racial inequality.◈


↙North Carolina's high court had previously ruled against a congressional map drawn by Republican state lawmakers for violating the state's constitution. But after Republican justices took over the court's majority following last year's midterm elections, the court decided to hear the case again.▱1210Y2000270GCT✍"What's new about this is who's at the table, frankly," Fortmueller said, listing companies such as Amazon, Apple and Netflix.➱2211JA250180GCTSP❂Already before the reform, people who refused orders to serve in the military have faced a possible prison sentence of up to 10 years.✄ECJ-1VF1A684Z₪"If he can push this thing back until after the election then he can effectively win the trial that way," he says.♧

⏎"I rather feel that I've been cheated by these institutions," he said.➺0603J2505P10CQT☾The gruesome spectacle reflects the Philippines' unique brand of Catholicism, which merges church traditions with folk superstitions.∴

♨The source described staff conversations as very productive, noting that they met over the weekend and through Monday.☺


⊙"If we announced we were giving an Abrams tank, just one, that would unleash" the flow of tanks from Germany, Rep. Michael McCaul, the Republican chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, told ABC's "This Week on Sunday." "What I hear is that Germany's waiting on us to take the lead."❤T491C475K035AT24787027➢The end of the U.S. COVID public health emergency on May 11 comes with a set of policy changes, and it also brings a sense of closure to an extraordinarily difficult time. But for many people, life before and after COVID are markedly different.◑81CNQ045A⊞Military analysts say they believe the original versions of the documents were slightly altered in some instances.◊VJ0805Y124MLAAJ32•The Guardian reports that the roughly 150-page novel will contain five sections centered around a character named Ana Magdalena Bach.→

☞The GAO said weather was the leading cause of cancellations in the two years before the pandemic, but the percentage of airline-caused cancellations began increasing in early 2021. From October through December 2021, airlines caused 60% or more of cancellations — higher that at any time in 2018 or 2019.↚ATCA-06-101M-V✤WELLINGTON, New Zealand — A fire ripped through a hostel in New Zealand's capital overnight, killing at least six people and forcing others to flee the four-story building in their pajamas in what a fire chief on Tuesday called his "worst nightmare."⇝

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