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◦Twitter sent its now-standard reply to press requests — a poop emoji — in response to NPR's emailed request for a comment for this story. Musk did not return emails sent directly to him seeking more information about Carlson's announcement.⇅DMN6040SVTQ-13◦Eventually, they got some other team members on board so they could further conduct their study, published in Evolutionary Systematics earlier this month. They found the frogs have orange patterns on their groins, thighs and shanks that "resembles flames," Chávez said – just "like those threatening its habitat." This led to the determination of its name, Scinax pyroinguinis, which translates to "groins of fire."➴DPO-3.0-100↗Meloni's government — Italy's most far-right leadership since the days of dictator Benito Mussolini — swept elections last year in part on promises to crack down on migration."▕BZT55C20 L0G⇇says John Riggi, the national adviser for cybersecurity and risk at the American Hospital Association.☜

卍President Biden announced on Tuesday that he's officially running for reelection in 2024 and with that comes a brand new campaign website.✃M39003/01-6203↰"We are aware that certain insurance companies may not be currently offering coverage in select markets for some Kia and Hyundai models," the company said in an emailed statement to NPR. "If a customer has questions about eligibility or coverage, we encourage them to contact their insurance company."◑


♥What is left of many of those programs are now being dismantled. Here's what's changing and what's staying the same, for now.▬2225Y0500393FCRThe immigration tribunal held a hearing in November on Begum's appeal. The case threw into sharp relief the larger question of how Western societies deal with people who joined ISIS but want to go back to their home countries. Many remain in camps in northeast Syria.ºVJ0603V473MXJCW1BC◙Both prosecutors and defense lawyers played the jury a video of Trump calling on the Proud Boys to "stand back and stand by" during a presidential debate, a moment that made the club jubilant and produced a flood of new membership inquiries.⇂TPCP8901(TE85L,F,M⊙North Dakota on Monday adopted one of the strictest anti-abortion laws in the country as Republican Gov. Doug Burgum signed legislation banning the procedure throughout pregnancy, with slim exceptions up to six weeks' gestation.▫

➸Rice, whose last day on the job will be May 26, also was a major player in the Biden administration's efforts to manage surging migrant numbers at the U.S.-Mexico border by turning away many migrants who crossed the border illegally. Instead, the U.S. has agreed to accept thousands of migrants per month as long as they come legally, have eligible sponsors and pass vetting and background checks. The decisions were seen as a shift to the right by some immigrant advocates who criticized the administration for moving away from promises to be more humane on immigration policies.○1210J0160223GCR❀Back in 2017, Brynjolfsson published a paper in one of the top academic journals, Science, which outlined the kind of work that he believed AI was capable of doing. It was called "What Can Machine Learning Do? Workforce Implications." Now, Brynjolfsson says, "I have to update that paper dramatically given what's happened in the past year or two."☪


↔A coach said on Instagram Live that Washington suffered damage to multiple organs, had her spleen removed and is expected to undergo more surgeries this week, ABC13 reports.⇘PTHF100-121H❧Ticks on their own do not carry the bacterium that causes Lyme. For that to happen, they need to draw blood from a mammal host that can harbor B. burgdorferi. On the East Coast, that is commonly deer and white-footed mice. In California, that would include deer, as well as western gray squirrels, voles and mice.♖VJ0603D360GXPAC◢Earlier forecasts warned that Mawar would be even stronger, potentially growing to a top-tier Category 5 storm.↼IRGI4060DPBF❦Since being released from the hospital, Hamlin has teamed up with the American Heart Association for a campaign to teach a simple version of CPR. He's also met President Joe Biden at the White House and advocated for access to defibrillators in schools with Congressional leaders. In April, Hamlin announced that he wanted to return to playing and has been cleared to practice with the Bills.◄

☼The statement was one of a flurry of eye-opening exchanges between Davis and attorneys at the Tuesday hearing, during which the court set rules for what is certain to be a landmark defamation trial, scheduled for later this month.♪C1206C431G8HACAUTO❖Griffiths told me the results were astonishing. Not only did the drug reduce anxiety and depression in patients, for some of them it unlocked a spiritual experience.◑


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IRL3714LPBF☢Even things like being in the sunlight and talking to others were going to take some getting used to, Flamini said on Friday morning, wearing dark sunglasses and a big smile.◨2534R-76L☺Two process servers later tried to throw the papers at O’Neal’s moving vehicle — a move his lawyers disputed in court, claiming it ran afoul of the requirements for serving legal documents. Moskowitz said the processors met the requirements by making eye contact with O’Neal and showing him the papers.↫


☆"That'll keep the rodents and other animals that are attracted by the birdseed at the edge instead of in the middle of your lawn," she said.√04025C472JAT4A✿"As President Biden has made clear, we will take all necessary measures to defend our people and will always respond at a time and place of our choosing," Austin said. "No group will strike our troops with impunity."☪C333C184K2G5TA↛SAN FRANCISCO — San Francisco is repealing a ban on city-funded travel to 30 states that it says restrict abortion, voting and LGBTQ rights after determining the boycott is doing more harm than good.♨TAZH157K010LBSZ0823⊿The Federal Shariat Court on Friday struck down several provisions of the landmark law, terming them "un-Islamic."⇥

۰About 32,260 fewer Americans received an abortion within six months of the Dobbs decision than before, reports #WeCount. And a study published six months after Dobbs found that the average commute to reach a provider had quadrupled, to about 100 minutes.✿561R10TCCT12⇎Cobain was known to have destroyed multiple Fender Stratocasters during his career. This particular instrument was wrecked while Cobain and his band worked on their landmark album, Nevermind, in the early 1990s.✿


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