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FR3B♩On Saturday, two more horses, Chloe's Dream and Freezing Point, were euthanized after sustaining racing injuries which appeared irrecoverable.♧C326C201FAG5TA✪Lee Sang-jin, a former head of a local company that imports sex dolls, welcomed the customs service's decision.↸

☆Carter was the oldest of three sons. His brother Philip Dutarte Carter, reported for Newsweek and served as publisher of the Delta Democrat-Times and Vieux Carré Courier as well as financier of Gambit, a New Orleans weekly. Another brother, Thomas Hennen Carter, killed himself playing Russian roulette.✤

♦Retired businessman Gary Wasserson had never worked in the nonprofit world, but today he calls himself a humanitarian.↹


☣The bandages, they've found, are the best way to protect hands from sharp rocks on the seabed when they go underwater to dive for seaweed, which they sell to a local factory.★C333C272KAG5TA7301☁High school student Perry had a glorious Summer of Slack all planned out, full of fishing, teasing her go-getter twin sister Pauline, and generally enjoying life. But then she accidentally wrecks her car, and to pay back her Auntie Daunis for the repairs, she has to take a job with one of the tribal-affiliated businesses in the Kinomaage Summer Internship Program. Perry is not amused to be assigned to the last remaining and least desirable internship role — working for Cooper Turtle, the odd manager of the Sugar Island Cultural Learning Centre.♤CWR11HK106MR\TRAs we finalize the integration of SHOWTIME and continue to transform our business for the future, we have set a great foundation for continued success by consolidating our group into two functions:♖GMC21CG152J16NTღThe National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is demanding that ARC Automotive Inc. of Knoxville recall 67 million inflators in the U.S. because they could explode and hurl shrapnel. At least two people have been killed in the U.S. and Canada, and seven others have been hurt as a result of defective ARC inflators, the agency said.↱

↬The White House has also linked Gershkovich's case with that of Paul Whelan — a former U.S. Marine who was sentenced to 15 years in prison on espionage charges the U.S. also argues are bogus.↕1812J0630220JAT➥Their history traces back long before credit cards: to retailers in the 1800s, then rampant lending discrimination that remained legal until the 1970s, to becoming a widespread (if criticized) measure of financial responsibility by the 1990s. It wasn't until about 20 years ago that people were able to see their own scores — and soon, getting a good score became such a priority that buying on credit began to feel like it serves a higher purpose.▧


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GCD188R71H682KA01D♧The employees who shared their experiences with the Times say they filed complaints with the league's human resources department and were overlooked by the league — telling the newspaper they were left feeling demoralized despite promises by officials to improve the workplace culture and working conditions for women in the league.⇎TMK042CG7R3BD-W▎These emotions are playing out against an uncertain legislative environment for the trans community.♦


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