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➷Calling Quietly Hostile a collection of essays is a bit limiting. These 17 pieces are more like essays crossed with stand-up bits, and that punchline-driven rhythm serves the book spectacularly well. Her voice is nonchalant yet authoritative, never more so than in "Superfan!!!!!!!," her sprawling breakdown of the original Sex and the City (a show whose 2021 sequel, And Just Like That..., Irby wrote for — and some say helped ruin, even by her own admission). From fanfic to canon, her admittedly controversial contribution to the SITC-verse is offset by her undying devotion to the series — which, to be fair, she serves with a healthy dose of salt.▦

♔The reason for that strong belief was social media.⏎


☛"Three medical emergencies and now a man overboard," passenger Joshua Reynolds wrote on Facebook. "We have slowed down and are now turning around. Hope they are found."▆GJM0336C1E8R0CB01J₪The Maryland Insurance Administration issued a bulletin in February reminding companies that they have to insure vehicles according to the rates they've filed with the state, and that refusing to do so could be a violation of state law.◎1808J0160472KCT◘The shift away from religion occurring in the U.S. mirrors what happened decades ago in post-World War II Europe, says Bob Smietana, a reporter for Religion News Service. He worries about how the U.S. will cope with the sudden evaporation of community services that churches once provided — food banks, help for troubled teens, addiction treatment and other programs.♠C0402C151M4RACTU▎As Protasiewicz approached the stage for her victory speech, the crowd at the Saint Kate hotel in downtown Milwaukee erupted, while some of her closest supporters danced on stage.→

↫8 a.m.⇩CHV1210N500272KXT☢The former president pleaded not guilty on Tuesday to 34 counts of falsifying business records. The Manhattan district attorney's office says Trump hid reimbursements for hush money payments as part of a "catch and kill" scheme to suppress affair allegations.↜

➥KHARTOUM, Sudan — The Sudanese military and a powerful paramilitary group battled for control of the chaos-stricken nation for a second day Sunday, signaling they were unwilling to end hostilities despite mounting diplomatic pressure to cease fire.♥


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IRF1324STRL-7PPBrandt’s humility belied the far-reaching impact of his work, Jay and Kleinschmidt said. He founded a nonprofit organization, Soil Health Academy, in 2018 that offers lessons and workshops in regenerative agriculture. Brandt’s teachings spread far beyond Ohio: No-till on the Plains, a Kansas nonprofit organization, made Brandt the inaugural recipient of a legacy award named after him in 2022.↷VJ0805A271KXJPW1BCぃHe concluded that amongst the accounts posting comments on the swatting news, "it didn't seem like swatting was a disproportionate topic of interest." Even so, he concluded he'd need more information about the timeline of the swatting calls and the callers to make any clear assessments.☛


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