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1812Y0500125MER↕U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Washington could not confirm the reports of an attack and that any such accounts from the Kremlin should be viewed with heavy skepticism, according to The Washington Post.ΘS6010RS3⇦"Prompt action on debt is in China's interest. Delaying needed debt treatments raises the costs both for borrowers and creditors. It worsens borrowers' economic fundamentals and increases the amount of debt relief they will eventually need," she said.⊙

❧A Portuguese sports term that translates to "plaque-worthy goal" refers to a time that Pelé blew past not one, not two, but six defenders to score, inspiring a two-minute-long standing ovation in Rio de Janeiro's Maracana stadium. A local sports writer was so moved that he arranged for a commemorative plaque to be affixed to the arena.↕


﹌"Today's deliberate and lawful action demonstrates that President Biden and his national security team will always put the safety and security of the American people first while responding effectively to the PRC's unacceptable violation of our sovereignty," Austin said, using an acronym for the People's Republic of China.♥SBCP56-16T3G◈"The majority of the impact of the team, including our point guard ... were transfers."▯1812Y0160221FFT▶Other CIA analysts shared the concerns of Jane's analysts.♖C323C224M2R5TA7301☄Here's a quick guide to what's different about this strike:↵

▤"We are preparing a counterattack for the illegally occupied areas based on our constitutionally definied legitimate borders, which are recognized internationally," Zelenskyy said.❄1140-270K-RC①The long-awaited reports are classified, but were believed to detail failures in U.S. intelligence and planning that allowed for the Taliban to swiftly take over Afghanistan in August 2021. The reports were also believed to outline what failure of security near the Kabul airport that led to the deaths of 13 U.S. service members and Afghans in an attack.✪

♥"Viruses always find a way," adds Offit from the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. "Their goal is to be transmitted from one person to the next to the next. And they'll do whatever they can to get there, whether it's polio or SARS-CoV-2 or the common cold virus or influenza virus. They will do what they have to do to survive. And they're smarter than we are."•


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1210J5000101KCT↲Another recurring theme is community care, and not in the Hollywoodized small town "aw shucks" kind of way, but rather in the difficult, intentional work of maintaining contact with one's neighbors and trying to provide what people need. In one story a game warden takes care to check in on his newly widowed neighbor. In "You Four Are the One," narrator Lanie and three of her friends spend the summer before starting sixth grade helping Lanie's pregnant neighbor, Cinta Johns, who is on strict bedrest following the four miscarriages in seven years that she's already been through. While Cinta's husband is at work at the mill, the girls hold her hand, walk her dog, make her tea, paint her toenails, and mostly take her mind off the mounting pressure to make sure she's able to carry the pregnancy to term. Lanie's mother is the one who sends the girls over at first, but Lanie soon finds meaning in the work as well. "At Cinta Johns's house we weren't four flat-chested nerdy girls in one-pieces," she emphasizes. "We were a part of her Support Team."☼CDRH125-7R5NC▂The ports of entry participating in the Title 42 exemption process are located in Nogales, Arizona; the Texas cities of Brownsville, Eagle Pass, Hidalgo, Laredo and El Paso; and the California cities of Calexico and San Diego. The first appointments under the expanded process are set to occur on Jan. 18. DHS officials said they would make additional days available every morning.₪


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