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2220Y5000560GCR♩"A Model S and Model X at this point can drive autonomously with greater safety than a person. Right now," the CEO told the Code Conference audience during a Q&A session following his interview with tech journalists Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher.➤JAN1N753CUR-1♦He is accused of illegally sharing classified information with contacts on the gaming site Discord.♩


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SCS108AGC◊Other researchers agree that O. volvulus is likely involved with nodding syndrome, but with caveats. "There's clearly an association with the onchocerciasis, but that only gets you so far," said Dowell, the former CDC researcher who is now a deputy director with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. River blindness, he added, is caused by a worm, and "worms don't usually cause seizures."➬1210Y0500392KCT⇟But what the island lacks in amenities, it makes up for in views. The Scottish government designates areas special scientific sites due to their representation of "natural heritage" in flora, fauna, geology and more, which means you can count on the nature to deliver.☀

▩From April 24 to May 14, Mercury will appear to move in one direction and then, after days of observation, it will seem to slow down and move in the other direction. Over the course of three weeks, it will trace out a loop shape in the sky.✚

유"I didn't want to have, like, any emotion," he said. "So I thought, like, the best way to, like, put it down would be to do more and more and more drugs."◥


╬"That's why it's such a significant arrest and why it has taken a fair amount of time."£VJ0402D6R8CLBACΘScholz dismissed any notion of discord between allies.◆C335C821JAG5TA✌In comments to The Associated Press, Hans Grundberg, the U.N. envoy for Yemen, described the ongoing efforts, including the Saudi and Omani talks in Sanaa, as "the closest Yemen has been to real progress towards lasting peace" since the war began.◤LHL08TB6R8M◈"The world has moved on from that. Don has moved on from that," Licht continued. "Don was the first one to go, 'I'm tired of having to set my hair on fire every night. I want to try something new.' "⇓

↑The new owners' first major task for the long-term future of the organization is a new stadium to replace FedEx Field, the rushed-to-completion home of the team since 1997 in Landover, Maryland, that has not aged well. Virginia abandoned a stadium bill last year amid a number of off-field controversies swirling around the team, though possibilities exist to build there, in Maryland or the District of Columbia at the site of the team's former home, RFK Stadium.▬VJ2225A222KBBAT4X✑"The structure of how we negotiate has improved," he said, noting: "That doesn't mean we are going to get to an agreement. All it means is I think the process is a better process."❏


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