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▒Newman hopes Neely's death makes people, elected officials in particular, rethink their approaches to policies and rhetoric that affect people experiencing homelessness and mental illness.↨


✍Buckingham Palace released King Charles' coronation invitation on Tuesday, giving royal watchers much to discuss.▄IDH04SG60CXKSA2○According to BBC Scotland journalist Laura Pettigrew, who was on the flight, a loud bang was heard just before the plane was diverted.ⓛT7070230B4BY☃"It's all made up," Holton said. "He can't get a fair trial there, and it's all fake."♨2220J1K20332JCT◘The question that City Hall asked voters in its citywide mini-referendum on Sunday was: "For or against self-service scooters in Paris?"◦

▯Russian fighter pilots involved in an encounter with a U.S. drone that resulted in its crash were given state awards, the Defense Ministry announced Friday. The move appears to signal Moscow's intention to adopt a more aggressive stance toward future U.S. surveillance flights.⏎SMBG5381A/TR13▔Criminal District Judge Clifford Brown was to set a date for the sentencing at a hearing this week.➜


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1825J0630272KCT↾Chief Justice John Roberts has declined an invitation from Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, to testify before the panel, calling such testimony by chief justices "exceedingly rare."♟1812Y5000152KCT■Abbe Lowell, an attorney for Hunter Biden, said Republicans still have "nothing to show" for probes into his client and his business activities for the last five years. Lowell said Republicans have fueled conspiracy theories but found no evidence of any wrongdoing.☝


▣Families are separated with no certainty of reuniting with their loved ones, she says. "A friend of mine was separated from her three-year-old daughter on Saturday and hasn't been able to get to her since. And because the streets are unsafe, she's not sure whether she's able to get to her. In addition, she found out just today that their apartment block, where her daughter is, has been hit. So these are the kinds of desperate stories, multiplied by tens of thousands, that exist all over Khartoum."▒C0402C471M8JACAUTO▭Before visiting the South Lawn, the first couple had breakfast with 40 egg farmers, many members of the American Egg Board, a marketing organization for egg producers.➬1206Y2000471KFR◊In an independent analysis of the program, a South African research team headed by Donald Skinner of the Human Sciences Research Council found there were some problems with translation quality and network coverage but concluded that overall, "The women were consistently positive about MomConnect, attaching high value to the content of the messages and the medium in which they were delivered."✄C317C561F3G5TA7301☽Major League Soccer said in a statement that it would open an investigation into the incident and that the league has "zero tolerance for abusive and offensive language and takes these allegations seriously."●

◇Wednesday’s vote arrives as the Biden administration is contending with legal challenges to the ongoing payment pause. While the moratorium was first implemented and extended because of economic upheaval caused by the pandemic, the Biden administration in November also cited the legal challenges to the forgiveness plan when it announced a new extension.❏CDR34BX473BKMPAR◑They're in so many photos together. Sitting next to each other, marching down the hall, one in front of the other. Aurora Demchenko, headstrong and sweet, and Daniel Bizyayev, who loves soccer and is a good listener. Sahan remembered how they'd sit next to each other and giggle, sometimes distracting the other students.☆


↜"One of my biggest worries is that we are losing time in preparing for the next pandemic," Dawn O'Connell, the head of the Administration for Strategic Preparedness and Response told senators last week. "It's the reason why the administration requested $88 billion last year to advance the American pandemic preparedness plan."⇀0805J0630102FCR☏That said, as NYU's professor Gillers, observes, Thomas' privately financed travel by close friends is, as far as anyone knows, "outside the norm." The watchdog group, Fix the Court, has reported on a handful of trips other justices have taken, mainly to universities to speak, where the transportation was not reported, but those seem mainly to have been oversights, whereas Thomas seems to believe that he had no responsibility to report the trips disclosed by ProPublica.✉1210Y2000101JFR⇡Although there are no laws or regulations banning the import of sex dolls, hundreds and perhaps thousands have been seized by the customs, which cited a clause in the law that bans the import of goods that "harm the country's beautiful traditions and public moral."▥2SD2670TL→Heavy fighting involving armored vehicles, truck-mounted machine guns and war planes raged in the capital of Khartoum, the adjoining city of Omdurman and in flashpoints across the country. The rival forces are believed to have tens of thousands of fighters each in the capital alone.♨

✃And citing three unnamed sources familiar with the situation, Rolling Stone reports that some of Trump's aides and advisers have pushed him to "turn his [mug shot] into fuel for a fundraising drive, or as a potent new symbol on 2024 campaign merchandise."┱1825Y0160105MXT↗Alegre acknowledged defeat shortly thereafter.☪


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