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MMBZ5261B-E3-18→But a mother who spoke next disagreed, saying she moved to Forsyth so her two children could attend its strong schools. While she is open to discussing any books her children want to read, the woman said, she doesn't want principals and other senior school officials to spend their time vetting library books.☠2225J0250563JDT➲Beginning Jan. 1, 2024, the Maryland Trans Equity Act broadens the kind of gender-affirming treatments covered under the state's Medicaid plan, aligning it with care that private insurers offer.▁

◊Prosecutors accuse Vallow Daybell and Daybell of benefiting from the three deaths by funneling money toward themselves, in the form of federal benefits and an insurance payout. Their goal, Blake said, was to create a new life together.º


♣On April 25, tragedy struck Eisa personally as his close friend and colleague Dr. Bushra Sulieman was killed. Sulieman traveled regularly to the United States to see family and perform surgery but had moved back to Sudan years ago to help train doctors. He taught at the University of Khartoum's faculty of medicine and was a director at the Sudanese American Medical Association (SAMA).➣RD6.2E(N)-T2┲Opvee was developed by Opiant Pharmaceuticals, which was recently acquired by rival Indivior, maker of several medications for opioid addiction. Indivior expects to launch Opvee in October at the earliest.▼SC312MF-270⊙Last month, NPR effectively quit Twitter after Musk applied a label to the news organization's account that falsely suggested it was state-controlled. Other public media organizations, including PBS and the Canadian Broadcasting Corp., followed suit and stopped tweeting following similar labeling.♪CC0402BRNPO9BN1R8☀Rodrigo Paris is CEO of Barefoot College International, a group that works in 93 countries to provide education, water, electricity and other assists for rural women. He is from Colombia and now lives in Guatemala.✄

█British American Tobacco produces Lucky Strike, Dunhill, and Pall Mall brands. It agreed in 2017 to take over Reynolds American Inc., which owned brands like Newport and Camel, creating the world's largest publicly traded tobacco company.↯C0805X472K5GEC7800▩McGrath was indicted in 2021 on accusations he fraudulently secured a $233,648 severance payment, equal to one year of salary as the head of Maryland Environmental Service, by falsely telling the agency's board the governor had approved it. He was also accused of fraud and embezzlement connected to roughly $170,000 in expenses. McGrath pleaded not guilty.▧


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195D474X0020S2T◦"Bohdan grew up in an instant," Viktoria says, as Bohdan plays with the family dog, Simba, who made the trip to Lviv sitting on Bohdan's lap. "We didn't have time for filtering things. He saw everything." At first, he was anxious, she says. He started to regress, often sucking on the corner of his T-shirt. Unlike Sofiia's mom, Viktoria felt that telling him everything might help him regain some power and control.▊SCPH73B-820✚As of Wednesday morning, Twitter had not applied the "state-affiliated" label to other outlets that directly or indirectly receive any public funds, such as PBS.◐

▶Offensively, the odds are with the Huskies. UConn has averaged 78.6 points per game over San Diego's 71.5.♂

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