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↔But in 2003, at the age of 49, Warren died of cancer. A few months after he passed away, a friend invited Cadwallader Staub to come to Boston for a ceremony celebrating her recently completed PhD. This was a time before most people had cell phones or navigation systems in their cars. But Cadwallader Staub wasn't deterred.⊙ZXMN3A05N8TA☀Lashawn Thompson, 35, died in September, three months after he was booked into the Fulton County Jail in Atlanta. Public outrage over his death spread last month after a lawyer for his family, Michael Harper, released photos of Thompson's face and body covered in insects.♠C907U510JYSDAA7317➘Postpartum hemorrhage is defined as bleeding more than 500 milliliters (a bit more than 2 cups) within 24 hours of giving birth. It happens to an estimated 14 million women every year. Yet about half of the cases go undetected.¤CWR11JC105KBA\TR▐The contrasts between Kilicdaroglu and Erdogan are clear, says analyst Soli Ozel, a lecturer at Istanbul's Kadir Has University.▐

☎Attorney Ed Riley, who represents one of the deputies, said he couldn't comment on the merits of the findings without having seen the full autopsy report. He said he worried that public statements from the attorneys for Otieno's family as well as other public disclosures in the case, including the video, could hinder the defendants' right to a fair trial.⇚08052C102MAT2A◆But thousands of civilians remain stuck at Egyptian-Sudanese border crossings in circumstances described to CBS News as dire.↵


↑The incident occurred around 12:15 p.m. local time in DeSoto, a village near the border of Wisconsin and Iowa. Two of the three train engines, as well as 10 cars, went off track to some degree, she said.➮VS-30CPQ140PBF➵Also this week, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Dick Durbin and Democrats on the panel sent a letter to Crow, issuing a new series of demands to detail the extent of any gifts worth more than $415 that he has given to any Supreme Court justice or their family members. Durbin also demanded information from businesses affiliated with Crow's private jet, private yacht and an expansive property known as Camp Topridge in New York's Adirondack Mountains.▥C0805C829C8HAC7800Authorities seem aware of how deeply unpopular last year's mobilization drive was. It set off protests across the country, and a rash of public complaints that recruits lacked equipment and training for battle — grievances that citizens often aired in public videos. President Putin even made a rare admission that "mistakes" were made.▃RHEL81H225K2DBH03AЮOver three days on the witness stand, Carroll described the alleged incident in detail. Their meeting was a chance encounter, she said — the two recognized each other, and Trump invited her to help him shop for a gift for another woman.◦

◢Advocates have asked the Labor Department to update agriculture's hazardous occupation orders, which Wurth says need to reflect "what's causing kids to get sick, be injured or die on farms in 2023, as opposed to 1970." More broadly, advocates want Congress to give kids in agriculture the same age limits and protections they have in other industries.◦TAJR684M020RNJ↺Some victims believed their symptoms were the result of a foreign government using directed energy technologies or weapons to collect intelligence, citing Russia as a leading suspect. A number of U.S. lawmakers have publicly supported that view, referring to the incidents as "attacks."↶

►The company is also a social media powerhouse. It surpassed 16 billion social video views in the final quarter of last year. It has nearly 94 million YouTube subscribers and has more than 20 million followers on TikTok. Its female wrestlers comprise five out of the top 15 most followed female athletes in the world, across Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, led by Ronda Rousey with 36.1 million followers.⊙

⚘Peña called the accusations against Cartes "groundless," while Alegre sought to turn the claims against the Colorado Party.♧


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C0805Y5V160-684MNP☜"Rust" safety coordinator and assistant director David Halls pleaded no contest in March to a conviction for unsafe handling of a firearm and a suspended sentence of six months of probation.♩SZBZX84C9V1LT1G▂Some, including former U.S. Solicitor General Walter Dellinger, have argued that the OLC prohibition on indicting the president dealt "mainly with the question of whether a president can be put on trial." Dellinger was head of the OLC from 1993 to 1996.↖


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