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ISC1812ES821K↮Shiv is keeping her options open↘JANTX1N4966D】As the Supreme Court deliberates the future of President Biden’s student loan forgiveness program, the House voted Wednesday to overturn the controversial plan to cancel more than $400 billion in debt, as well as restart loan payments for tens of millions of borrowers.⊙


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150D566X0006B2B➥Strutting out came rapper Snoop Dogg, sitting next to Nelson as they launched into their stoner anthem, "Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die." Perhaps fittingly, each seemed to forget the words at times. The two friends looked too happy to care.▼VJ1206V474MXJPW1BCºThe changes have come too late and not gone far enough to curb the worst effects on health, some researchers and activists for reform say.▣

▱Neely shouted that he was fed up, that he didn't care if he went to prison and that he was ready to die, Vazquez wrote. Neely then took off his jacket and aggressively threw it on the subway-car floor, but did not appear to want to attack anyone, according to the journalist. Then, a white 24-year-old passenger on the train put Neely in a headlock and held him in the position for 15 minutes, Vazquez said. Two other bystanders also stepped in to help the man restrain Neely.↱

☞American is the largest U.S. airline and JetBlue is the sixth-biggest overall. But in Boston, they hold down two of the top three spots, alongside Delta Air Lines, and two of the top four positions in New York.☞


┱Of course, Roberts is well aware that no Supreme Court justice has ever been impeached and removed by Congress. Samuel Chase of Maryland, appointed by George Washington in 1796, was impeached by the House in 1804. Supporters of Thomas Jefferson, president at the time, accused Chase of bias and partisan behavior — largely because of his demeanor and biting opinions. But when the Senate held a trial in 1805 and acquitted him, Chase returned to the high court and served until his death in 1811.◑MURS160-M3/5BT▶Moscow's announcement comes a day after the U.S. military released a declassified 42-second video showing a Russian Su-27 fighter jet approaching the back of the U.S. drone and releasing fuel as it passes in a maneuver that appeared to be aimed at blinding the drone's optical instruments to drive it from the area.☽644CNQ045➪Texas Ranger Ryan Kindell arrived around noon, about 30 minutes after the gunman entered the school. At the time, he was one of the highest-ranking Department of Public Safety officers at the scene. He told investigators he immediately recognized that someone needed to take charge and started organizing the responders stationed outside.➸12102U360FAT2A▓The law, enacted in 1978, gives tribes power in foster care and adoption proceedings involving Native children. North Dakota and several other states have considered codifying it this year, as the U.S. Supreme Court considers a challenge to the federal law.➧

£NPR reached out to the Trump team with questions about the specifics of how he would combat Mexico's cartels specifically and drug crimes more broadly. The inquiry went unanswered. Still, there is publicly available information to determine the approach Trump intends to take, most notably in a 2024 campaign agenda.♙GA0402Y561KXXAP31G↾That caution, along with higher interest rates, creates an additional drag on economic growth, and it's leading to a growing risk of a recession later this year.↗

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