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●Here is what we know about him:✉

◑HELENA, Mont. — Montana became the latest state to ban or restrict gender-affirming medical care for transgender kids Friday when its Republican governor signed legislation that exiled transgender lawmaker Zooey Zephyr told fellow lawmakers would leave "blood" on their hands.▥


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SR075E103MAA♣In 2019, CMS sent a letter to Oklahoma asking for part of the state's $270 million settlement with Purdue Pharma, maker of OxyContin. According to Phil Bacharach, spokesperson for the Oklahoma attorney general's office, the state eventually reached an agreement to keep all its Purdue settlement but later pay $390,000 to the federal agency from a separate settlement with opioid manufacturer Endo.☆VJ0603Y821MXJAP▥Robbins said in another update that he was joking, and he alleged that he was receiving death threats and had the police called on him.☁

○The study, led by Kathy James, an associate professor at the Colorado School of Public Health, focuses on arsenic in private drinking wells. Arsenic, a carcinogen that occurs naturally in soil, has been appearing in rising levels in drinking water in the valley, she says. In California, Mexico, and Vietnam, research has linked rising arsenic levels in groundwater to drought and the overpumping of aquifers.ⓞ


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1825Y2K50181KCT⇜Former Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh launched the probe in 2019 and announced its completion in November, saying investigators had reviewed over 100,000 pages of documents dating back to the 1940s and interviewed hundreds of victims and witnesses. The report's contents weren't immediately released because they include information obtained from church officials via grand jury subpoenas, which are confidential proceedings in Maryland.⇎1808Y2000151JCT▁Thomas Bwire is a co-founder and editor at Habari Kibra, a news hub that focuses on reporting stories from the Kibera community. He previously worked as a radio journalist at Pamoja FM, a community-based radio station in Kibera. His NPR story on an urban farmer in Nairobi who gave away food to those in need was the winner in the Agriculture and Food Security Category, digital, in the 11th Annual Journalism Excellent Awards presented this month by the Media Council of Kenya.∴

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