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◘But many South Korean business leaders chafe at what they see as protectionist policies — from requests to reveal sensitive business information to pressure to build factories in the U.S. and limit business with China.▒1206J6300122MXR큐"You know... we've had a couple of 'wets' (alcoholic drinks). At the end of the long night... we are going to have some food," one of them declares in the video. At the end of the video, each would-be chef declares: "Stay off the stove!"◈1210-682F☢"The National Recording Registry preserves our history through recorded sound and reflects our nation's diverse culture," said Librarian of Congress Carla Hayden in a statement naming 25 recordings to be preserved for posterity this year.Z2SMB6.8▣The skeletons were buried in wooden coffins, which are now only identifiable by their nails.♥

⊠Later in the day, Kaplan warned Tacopina again to speak with Trump after the ex-president's son Eric tweeted criticism of funding Carroll's lawyer received from a wealthy Democratic contributor.★C1206X153J5JAC7800↝Like some of the most powerful wordless picture books and graphic novels — from Shaun Tan's pioneering The Arrival to Daishu Ma's Leaf, Guojing's The Only Child, or even Sara Varon's lighter Robot Dreams, Ephemera manages to present a fully developed internal, and external, landscape without leaning heavily on words. It's a sophisticated and picturesque exploration of the weights that adults carry with them from their childhoods, imprints and encumbrances that accompany them wherever they go. It's a reminder, too, of how people can reshape these burdens, using art and inventiveness to realign the past in relation to the present.☞


✦"We should be looking at the various ways of mitigating these risks that we already have and thinking about how to adapt them to AI," said Princeton University computer science professor Arvind Narayanan.❈S6070WTP◎As for where I find optimism, I'll tell you — I start my day with prayer and I end my day with prayer. That's the biggest thing in my life. I'm a Roman Catholic and for me, that's where it all starts. Prayer is very personal. My prayer is between me and my God. But of course, I also pray with other people. In Kenya, a lot of our meetings actually start with a prayer.♠2225J2500183KCR⊕My fire makes me fight for education, awareness, and mentoring. It makes me a role model as someone who has broken barriers to have a better life.►DMC564050RⓞIt could be a while until the trial actually gets underway.유

▪Minow died at his home on Saturday, surrounded by loved ones, his daughter, Nell Minow, told The Associated Press. "He wanted to be at home," she told the news agency. "He had a good life."✄1812J0160153FCR♦The South Carolina Senate on Tuesday voted to ban abortions after roughly six weeks of pregnancy following the end of a filibuster by the chamber’s five female senators, who had become the bill’s most outspoken opponents.❁

⇥For Harris, taking the lead on the issue also puts her on more familiar political ground after being viewed as struggling with other issues — particularly migration — earlier in the administration.▒


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JAN1N941B-1◑Who is she? Sen. Sandy Senn is a South Carolina Republican who represents the 41st district in Charleston.卍2225Y1K20561FCT☂That tornado was not far from where three people died in Indiana's Sullivan County, about 95 miles (150 kilometers) southwest of Indianapolis. Several people were rescued overnight, with reports of as many as 12 people injured.→


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0603J0160561GFT☻Environmentalists and activists alike say a treaty is partly to blame for killing the Ravi: the Indus Waters Treaty between Pakistan and India, signed in 1960.▂0603J0100183KXT◆Before the meeting, Egyptian Foreign Minister Samer Shoukry said that only an Arab-led "political solution without foreign dictates" can end the ongoing conflict, restoring Syria's unity and stability and allowing refugees and the internally displaced to return.➵

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