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•Billie Lourd said Thursday that when Fisher first tried to introduce her to the space saga when she was a child, her reactions were "it's too loud, mama" and "is that lady in the TV you?" It was only when she reached middle school and awed classmates began asking about her mom that she absorbed the films.→


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1812Y6300683MXT☣In 2018, Facebook announced a change in its algorithm, marking it as one that would focus on "meaningful social interactions." In the midst, the platform propped up emotional engagement — successfully identifying what people were actually prone to sharing and talking about. "Their algorithm was holding an ever-more-precise mirror up to Americans' psyches, and intensifying their strongest reactions," Smith writes. And as BuzzFeed attempted to keep up, Donald Trump and the alt-right were way ahead — transforming what was once traffic, into real political power.♡MA0603CG101G100◑Moreover, it's unusual for a potential Republican presidential candidate to be going after a large corporation and attempting to regulate it more, like DeSantis is to Disney, he said.☂


➦And one of its biggest calling cards was helping to catch the small amount of voter fraud that does happen every federal election. A January report from the Florida Department of State Office of Election Crimes and Security said it had "used data provided by ERIC to identify" hundreds of voters who appeared to have voted in Florida and in another ERIC member state in the same election.▨0805Y0100181KCT↯When universal free school meals aren't covered, schools instead provide free or reduced price lunch for families in need. But that process is complicated enough that some families fall through the cracks. And that means kids show up at school hungry for lunch but with no way to pay for it.☠TBJE156K050LRSZ0H00☆The fighting is incredibly close.▁0805Y0630472KET☌In a statement Friday, Buttigieg said, "Billy is a tremendous leader, a true expert, and a dedicated public servant. He has kept safety as the FAA's north star through one of the most complex periods in modern aviation."▨

➨Law enforcement officials say the man accused of killing five neighbors in southeast Texas early Saturday is now in custody after evading capture for days.™1825J5K00100FCT♭Earlier this week, a group of investors filed a class-action lawsuit against Adidas, accusing the company of knowing about Ye's problematic behavior years before ending the collaboration. Adidas denies the allegations.↬


┱Rantzen said she believes Goodman was so successful in the U.S. in part because "he was quintessentially British: firm but fair, funny but a gentleman."◇105R-152K▄"Also important to note that racial epithets, language, cannot be hurled in any direction — whether it was to a Black player or not — because that would open any number of doors themselves," Ebobisse added.⊙ISC1812ES101K⊠"We just had the eight warmest years on record, even though we had a cooling La Niña for the past three years," WMO Secretary-General Petteri Taalas said.✐1812J0630471JFR₪With the opening of the route to the summit, a rush to make their attempts is expected in the next couple of weeks as the Nepalese authorities have issued nearly 470 permits for Everest during the popular spring climbing season.☟

✏"That was the last parent that we had left after the pandemic took away our dad from us," he says. "We really weren't prepared for that as we were still dealing with losing my dad." Virginia had recovered from a severe case of COVID for which she'd been hospitalized, and Lerma's family wonders if the strokes may have been a post-COVID complication.⇈SQCB2M241JAJWE◩Ann Powers, on where this fits in the wider pop music landscape:【


▩The NSC summary was released before Rep. Michael McCaul, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, received the Pentagon's classified report, according to McCaul's office. On Thursday afternoon, McCaul was in Taiwan as part of a congressional delegation.☠0603J5000102JXT┱Since February, Teixeira was a cyber transports systems journeyman — similar to an information technology specialist — for the National Guard.⇎2220Y0160680FFRღRavish, 48, had been with NDTV for 26 years. At the time of his resignation, he was senior executive editor at the news outlet, known for its fierce and critical coverage of government policies and citizens' voices.➻MBRTA50045R♡Take what happened to a central Pennsylvania policyholder, who in January fell and broke her arm and a bone near her eye.◎

▥GARY COHN: Well, Margaret Bank runs are bank runs. When people lose confidence in a bank, deposits go out the door very quickly. Banks are not designed to have deposits go out in massive scale. In fact, banks are designed to take your deposits and reinvest them back in the economy. They give out mortgages, they give out car loans. They give out student loans. They allow you to have your credit cards. So there is not that much liquidity in a bank to allow that to happen. When confidence is gone, people say, look, I will take my money to someplace else where I have more confidence and we are starting to see that run through the system. And there's a contagion effect. You say, okay, one bank has the problem, okay, another bank has. The problem is the bank I'm in, is it safe? And I have any doubt whatsoever that it's not safe. I'm going to move to the safest place I can because it's better safe than sorry when it's your own hard earned dollars.⇗PTV33B-E3/84A↣"Even if it doesn't prevent infection...vaccination makes getting and spreading impacts less likely, and may decrease the chances of severe illness, hospitalization and death," says Daskalakis.♠

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