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⇇“Anyone who knew and sat there and listened to him reload, they should all lose their jobs,” said Brett Cross, the uncle and guardian of 10-year-old Uziyah Garcia, whom he called his son. “Anybody who made an order that they shouldn’t go in should face possible jail time.”◇GRM31M6T2A331JD01L✯The Roys converge upon L.A., because it's "Investor Day" at Waystar Studios. Time to impress all your investors, time to demonstrate continuity after the death of your founder, time to show off your shiny new co-CEOs and show that they are not at all a pair of unqualified, callow doofuses who are going to tank the company.↪CS45-12IO1✄Among those who rose to the defense of both Manning and Snowden was Ellsberg himself, now an aging icon of the political left and still the most famous whistleblower in U.S. history.❀C330C823GAG5TA7301❑So this is what passes for success on Investor Day. Kendall is completely full of patoot about all of this, and it's all going to collapse as soon as it collides with the truth, but he makes it sound good. And that's a win, because all that matters is the stock price, and the stock price is based on vibes. As Kendall himself giggles to Roman before he makes the presentation: "It's enough to make you lose your faith in capitalism; you could say anything."↚

◎As Bohdan and his mom were driving home from school one day this winter, an air raid siren went off. Bohdan leaned forward and asked his mom, "Does it mean that there are rockets above or missiles in the sky?"◙C0805C103K1RACAUTO7210⊿The settlement, approved in federal court last November, canceled and refunded 200,000 federal student loans at 151 schools, and totaled more than estimated $6 billion.➴


◤That caution, along with higher interest rates, creates an additional drag on economic growth, and it's leading to a growing risk of a recession later this year.☏0805J0160152MDR▩One day after a jury convicted U.S. Army Sgt. Daniel Perry of murder for shooting and killing Garrett Foster at a Black Lives Matter protest in 2020, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said he wants Perry to receive a pardon.♦GRJ31CC71H475ME11K☣Carroll said she was leaving the Bergdorf Goodman store through a revolving door in spring 1996 when Trump was entering the store and stopped her to help him shop for a gift for a woman.▣M39003/01-8177/TR➲"When we saw the data come in it was all worth it," Seiffert says. "The level of detail we saw and recorded was extraordinary."➽

◆SEOUL — A new survey has found that most Japanese would, in fact, not rather live until 100 despite what the government advises.▎C0805C182K1HACAUTO▌"I just got really into it," Rourke said — and that included an appreciation for jazz and funk. "I started listening to Stanley Clarke and, dare I say, Level 42 — though not for very long. I was just pushing the boundaries, seeing where I could take it."❑


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T95R397K6R3HZSS▤That's because it's important that the United Nations set a good example of improving accessibility and asserting that reasonable accommodation for those with disabilities is on the human rights agenda and taken seriously.◘GRM1556S1H9R7CZ01D↗"We like the assets of UFC and also WWE in a world where linear TV is losing market share to streaming, thus live sport content is in high demand," wrote Jeffries analyst Randal Konik said in a note to clients.↓

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↵Like his debut in the space, I expect Corden's late night TV farewell to be professional, entertaining and not quite as impactful as you might expect.✉BZD27C16P-M3-18☆HELSINKI — A walrus that became a global celebrity last year after it was seen frolicking and basking in a Oslo fjord before it was euthanized by the authorities has been honored with a bronze sculpture in Norway.▷C0805C473J4REC◇To my colleagues in the health care industry: There is an opportunity to do good here. The cancer patient needs a trusted, friendly voice to help explain things — on call, 24/7. The health care system isn't prepared to do this. The vacuum is filled now by fraud and fear.⇇GRM188R71E184JA88J☞"I told him people are dying on the streets here and we will serve this country better if we are alive," Eisa recalls. "But Bushra said, 'I don't want to leave, that's why I came back here from the U.S. in the first place.' "┲

◣Galveston, Texas, has some of the fastest sea level rise in the world. To protect the city, engineers need to know how fast ice in West Antarctica will melt. Scientists are racing to figure it out, often camping out on the ice for weeks on end to study the effects of climate change.☪SR501A333JAA▌This video contains profanity.ⓥ


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C1206C103J5REC7800✪Not so for solid-fueled missiles. The propellant in these weapons is loaded in the factory and remains stable until it is lit. That means the missiles don't need an escort of tank trucks, and can be launched as soon as they're erected – usually a matter of tens of minutes, according to Lewis.✌SR211A680KAA❃The papers published online do not reveal Ukrainian battle plans for a widely expected offensive this spring.⇝

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