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KBP103G C2➹"I don't know whether to go through that river," she said. "It's not so much the river, it's the barbed wire."↦C0603C0G1E6R8B030BGのBillie Lourd said Thursday that when Fisher first tried to introduce her to the space saga when she was a child, her reactions were "it's too loud, mama" and "is that lady in the TV you?" It was only when she reached middle school and awed classmates began asking about her mom that she absorbed the films.☀

▼The EPA said it began collecting debris at schools, day cares and city parks on Saturday and that it was also working with state and local officials on a plan to collect debris from nearby homes.♡


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0505Y0500221GQT➢"I couldn't stop crying tears of joy seeing the governor hold up the veto stamp, but I know it's an uphill battle to keep this momentum going," Long said. In a statement provided late Saturday through Cooper's office, State Capitol Police Deputy Chief Terry Green said the crowd estimate was over 2,000 people.▌GA1812A332FBLAT31G◇Thomas Bwire is a co-founder and editor at Habari Kibra, a news hub that focuses on reporting stories from the Kibera community. He previously worked as a radio journalist at Pamoja FM, a community-based radio station in Kibera. His NPR story on an urban farmer in Nairobi who gave away food to those in need was the winner in the Agriculture and Food Security Category, digital, in the 11th Annual Journalism Excellent Awards presented this month by the Media Council of Kenya.◊


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1825Y0160102KCT►In a statement, Students for Life of America described the move toward over-the-counter birth control as "reckless" and suggested that easier distribution of birth control pills is unwise given rising rates of some types of sexually transmitted infections, which the organization described as an "epidemic of sexually transmitted disease."✡S0603-8N2F1D✄Australian police hailed it as "one of the most high-profile arrests in the history" of the country.☣


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2N5400_D81Z☪Gabino Iglesias is an author, book reviewer and professor living in Austin, Texas. Find him on Twitter at @Gabino_Iglesias.♥IRLR014TRPBF♙Reading of the verdict was live-streamed from the Ada County Courthouse in Boise, Idaho — a departure from the trial's main phase, when Boyce declared daily proceedings would be depicted only via audio, to avoid the release of sensitive and upsetting images.○

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