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↔The G-7 finance ministers and central bank chiefs said they would discuss ways to prevent what they are calling "economic coercion" by China. That drew sharp retorts from Beijing.☠VJ0805Y332MXQPW1BC◎With the caveat that human trials are still needed, Pringle is optimistic that the drug could help treat poisonings from all kinds of mushrooms around the world.⊙18123A473KAT2A☪Once the final arguments were complete, the judge sent the jury home with instructions to return Tuesday to hear about an hour of instructions before beginning deliberations. Jurors will be asked to decide whether Trump committed battery and defamed writer E. Jean Carroll and whether damages should be awarded.▶2220J0160333FCT⇂Mount Everest, located in Nepal and Tibet, is the mountain with the highest altitude above sea level, with an elevation of 29,029 feet, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.❂

➘"When you see elected leaders demonizing educators and weaponizing education, it's a five-alarm fire for democracy," Irene Mulvey, president of The American Association of University Professors, told Nature. "It important to understand that when governors attack DEI efforts, they completely mischaracterize them to create a straw-man demon that they now have to do away with."➧PG0087.103NLT☄The Circle C Market is a good example of a new approach.✒


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1825Y5000224KXR☝"They reached out to me given the soft tissue injuries, and I agreed we'd be able to help in this case," Dr. Fufa told CBS MoneyWatch.⊙1808J0500274MDT❣Any new construction seven stories and under would not be permitted to install fossil fuel equipment, though large commercial or industrial buildings 100,000 square feet or more would be exempt. By 2029, the ban would apply to all new construction.♂


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2220Y2500122GCT☀Jaffee didn't just satirize the culture; he helped change it. His parodies of advertisements included such future real-life products as automatic redialing for a telephone, a computer spell checker and graffiti-proof surfaces. He also anticipated peelable stamps, multiblade razors and self-extinguishing cigarettes.↩1825J6K00120GCR✉When they reach the egg, the sperm still aren't done. There are those two layers that encapsulate the egg — the corona radiata and the jellylike zona pellucida — to get through before fertilization can happen.↤


❤Research has shown that transgender youths and adults can be prone to suicidal behavior when forced to live as the sex they were assigned at birth. And critics of legislation to restrict gender-affirming care for children say it's an attempt by conservatives to motivate their voting base.❥C1608X7R1H222K⇓"In my personal life," he adds, "I still have A Purell dispenser in my car and carry a small bottle when I travel. I wear a mask in the airport and until the plane takes off — since I'm less exposed in my own seat and [because of] the plane's ventilation system — and then put it on again and wear it until I get to my hotel room. And yes, I still have tests at home and travel with a pair of them."⇕0603Y0160471KXR✦That fire made me want to run for the chair of the committee to lead that group. I wanted to harmonize divisions, listen and humble myself.↥CDR31BX183AKYMAR♢From Colorado to Idaho to Nevada, state lawmakers and some governors — Democrats and Republicans — are escalating criminal penalties while acting to curb programs that help people consume illicit drugs more safely.

↔Singh also heads Waris Punjab De, or Punjab's Heirs, an organization that was part of a massive campaign to mobilize farmers against controversial agriculture reforms being pushed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government. The legislation triggered a year of protests that began in 2020, as farmers — most of them Sikhs from Punjab state — camped on the outskirts of New Delhi through a harsh winter and devastating coronavirus surge. The protests ended after Modi's government withdrew the legislation in November 2021.▕1206Y0251P50DFT◎"Do we continue to review and adjust tactics? The answer is, of course, yes," O'Leary says. In fact a new version of the oral polio vaccine that is less likely to mutate was introduced in 2021. There are attempts in many places to mix the oral and the injectable vaccines in hopes of providing broader protection from the virus.▏


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