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▨Nichola Clark, an oceans expert at the Pew Charitable Trusts who observed the talks in New York, called the long-awaited treaty text "a once-in-a-generation opportunity to protect the oceans — a major win for biodiversity."۰


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SISS32ADN-T1-GE3☋For much of the last two years, the Federal Reserve has worried that the job market was out of balance, with demand for workers far outstripping the number of people looking for jobs.▷1111Y6301P00HQT»Critics say the bill is unnecessary because exposing children to sexually explicit activity is already a crime in the Sunshine State. They contend the bill is a crackdown on drag shows. Some do feature sexual content, while others are family-oriented. Conservatives in more than a dozen states have filed bills placing restrictions on drag show performances.⇣

❒The lockers — purple, green and yellow with name tags on the front: Sofiia, Daniel, Bohdan — are still filled with children's belongings: shoes, backpacks and a drawing of a snowman.➻

☪"The head started going on fire instead of the fire projecting out," said Laux, who lives in Los Angeles and captured the blaze on video.ぃ


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T491D106K035AT↤Dudnik's neighbors have donated tools and supplies so he can work. He stops at an apartment that looks like it's been punched by Godzilla. The walls look bent, and the floors are covered with broken glass, crushed ceramic tiles and bricks, and torn wires and power cords.✣C410C432F3G5TA7200▌Fortas was first named to the court in 1965 by President Lyndon B. Johnson, whom he helped in a contested Senate election in Texas in 1948. While Fortas was considered a legendary legal intellect of his time, his close relationship with Johnson soon came under scrutiny.☆

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