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0805J0500160KQT○The school district serves more than half a million students in the area, an enrollment size that is second only to the New York City Public Schools system.█C0805X169D4HACAUTO➸While humans and livestock infected with the bacteria that causes chlamydia can be treated with antibiotics, it's not so simple for koalas.✿


▭"Schemes to privatize our elections have no place in Georgia or anywhere else and undermine the confidence of voters who have doubts about the legitimacy and accuracy of our elections and whether they were conducted with fairness and honesty," Ken Cuccinelli, a former Trump administration official who's now with the Election Transparency Initiative, said in a statement about the new Georgia bill.£AQ12EM1R8BAJME\500♡But these chapters also contain striking reflections on living with absence. "How do you learn to cherish yourself, your life, when grief has made it unrecognizable?" Chung writes. "I am starting to feel that we do so not by trying to fill a void that can never be filled but by living as best as we can in this strange, yawning terrain our loved ones have left behind, exploring its jagged boundaries and learning to see it as something new." It's a line that recalls the book's title, borrowed from a phrase in a Marie Howe poem called "For Three Days": "...because even grief provides a living remedy." This book does not fill the void left behind by Chung's parents and others lost to our broken systems, but it provides a powerful remembrance and a path forward.❁TAP225K035CRW▤Rivers ran for the county commission in 2020 as a Republican and was elected without opposition after the Democratic nominee was disqualified over a previous felony conviction.⇔C0402C560F8HACAUTO◣"There is that one out of 20 where I go home and I am spinning," Towarnicki said. In those cases, it takes hearing her son's voice, and time to process, to pull her back. "I feel like if it's not hard sometimes, maybe you shouldn't be doing this work."✍

▕"Each party has different interpretations and expectations," he said. "Given the complexities of the situation, it is hard to see progress on this track very soon."░VJ0805Y273KXJAP▪"Projects that capture available precipitation, stormwater, or floodwaters to recharge depleted groundwater basins need to be ready to capture high flows when they are available during each wet season," said Karla Nemeth, the agency's director.◑


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LHL10NB101K◄But Vanessa Valdivia, press secretary for the first lady, later clarified Biden's comments on Tuesday morning, tweeting that the comments "were intended to applaud the historic game and all women athletes." (The Office of the First Lady of the United States did not immediately respond to NPR's separate request for comment about her remarks.)♢CDR03BP102BKWRAB↚The social media team spends a lot of time looking through stock photo repositories but has struggled to find images of Americans with disabilities using even the most common home safety devices, like cooking in the kitchen.♀


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C0805C334J3REC7210☾"It's such a cultural shift," says Adina Appelbaum, who works with immigrants as a financial counselor and lawyer, "because in many countries they don't have this culture of debt ... and there can actually be shame around having debt or a credit card."☼SB180-T★The English pop star's cheerful attitude on display under questioning from his attorney, Ilene Farkas, all but vanished under cross examination.↚


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IXTH440N055T2↔Khan, 70, arrived Friday morning at the Islamabad High Court under heavy security, escorted by armored security vehicles, to hear a judge grant him bail in the corruption case and issue the order barring his arrest until at least May 17. The PTI said later that Khan would return to his home in the city of Lahore when he was released from court custody, which was expected imminently.↚C0402X7R0J221M020BC⇍This may sound cynical but I am being earnest: What gives me peace of mind when gloom is looming is to remember that in 5 billion years, the sun will become a red giant and Earth will cease to exist. With that perspective, it puts me more at peace that, for example, salmon may go extinct in my lifetime. It seems less critical to save them (and every other species) knowing that all species will one day share the same fate. (For the record, I hope salmon make it.) -Andrew Murphy, Crescent City, Calif.♥

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