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ºNavigators, who help people sign up for health insurance for free thanks to federal grants, have extra funding this year to help people who find themselves without Medicaid coverage. (Navigators strongly suggest Medicaid enrollees make sure their contact information is up to date with their state Medicaid office so they don't miss a notice about their coverage.)➺

☀Kinsley was released from the emergency room after doctors removed bullet fragments from her cheek (and gave her an Almond Joy candy bar).↓


█Griner, 32, is a 6-foot-9 two-time Olympic gold medalist, three-time All-American at Baylor University, a prominent advocate for pay equity for women athletes and the first openly gay athlete to reach an endorsement deal with Nike. She is the author of one previous book, "In My Skin: My Life On and Off the Basketball Court," published in 2014.▫2225J0630124JDT↸Netflix said out-of-household users should have begun receiving emails about the change Tuesday.◥C333C333J2G5TA웃Sire artists also included Ice T, the Smiths, Depeche Mode, the Replacements and Echo and the Bunnymen, along with the more-established Lou Reed and Brian Wilson, who recorded with Sire later in their careers.◄1812J5000820GAT▩"While being a public figure comes with a level of interest from the public, it should never come at the cost of anyone's safety," they added.♚

۰Jill Miller was facing life in prison for second-degree murder, but after hours of deliberation, the jury was deadlocked at 8-4 over whether to convict.⇍CKR05BX104KP╬The Boy Scouts also have a 24/7 hotline (1-844-SCOUTS1) and email address for reporting suspected abuse or inappropriate behavior.♦


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SI7983DP-T1-GE3◙Wembanyama has a smooth shooting stroke, and can score from anywhere on the floor. His range extends from around the rim to well outside of the three-point line, though his scoring that far out isn't efficient yet. He has shown off a staggering array of shots, hitting one-footed treys and mid-range jumpers.◊CC0201CRNPO9BN6R2☜The trial's most riveting moments unfolded when Holmes took the witness stand to testify in her own defense.↑


♀AM’s decline as a medium has led some in the audio entertainment industry to argue that AM radios might be best relegated to the junk heap of technology, alongside 8-track tapes and cassettes. Although many in the radio business praised Ford’s about-face, some voices in the burgeoning online audio world say the move is only postponing the inevitable.☾VJ2220Y274JBAAT4X⇌The Russians have advanced in distances measured in feet. But the cost in human lives has mounted precipitously — on both sides.◘C1206C129C1HACAUTOA Seattle man died during a climb up Mount Everest, his climbing group announced Tuesday.➵CDR31BP120BJYRAR◆That would put additional pressure on the government to step in yet again.△

▬"Thank you ... for representing all Americans," responded the National Carbon Monoxide Awareness Association.➵2SB1202T-TL-E➲Scholastic gave its reasons for the suggested change in an email to the author and her original publisher, Candlewick Press, citing a "politically sensitive" moment for its market and a worry that the section "goes beyond what some teachers are willing to cover with the kids in their elementary classrooms."▃


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