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C1206X622G4HACAUTO❥Royal fans and heads of state alike are arriving in London for the first British coronation in 70 years.☼PE-53683NLT⇊"We will continue to fight for TikTok users and creators in Montana whose livelihoods and First Amendment rights are threatened by this egregious government overreach," Oberwetter said.ღ


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2220Y0160105KDR↽In a tweet translated from Spanish, the Honduran foreign secretary, Enrique Reina, expressed his condolences to the victims of the shooting and said the country's consulate was closely monitoring the investigation.☻2220Y0630224KDT◨"It's going to be working closely with legal advisers in a really rapidly changing environment. That's what I foresee in the next seven days, and likely beyond that," said Melissa Grant, the chief operating officer at Carafem, an abortion provider that provides mifepristone at its three physical clinics and via telehealth.⇂

▱The rapid development of effective COVID vaccines around the world has been a medical marvel. There will be periodic new boosters available. But don't necessarily expect to be prodded on your cellphone – one NPR reporter just got a message that his vaccine reminders will cease.♣

☃NEW YORK — A parking garage collapsed Tuesday in lower Manhattan's Financial District, killing one worker, injuring five and crushing cars as concrete floors fell on top of each other like a stack of pancakes, officials said.


⇌At 11:42 a.m. — nine minutes after the gunman stepped inside Robb Elementary — Coronado’s body camera captured audio of another officer confirming with school administrators that students were probably in the classroom.ぃ06033G103ZAT4A♩Sahni is founder and CEO of Study Hall Education Foundation, an inclusive organization that uses education to fight gender discrimination and the patriarchal mindset of young people in India.✉1812Y1000470GAT▫Also Thursday, CBS aired a primetime special called The Last Last Late Late Show Special featuring taped segments with Tom Cruise (where they performed stunts and sang a duet of "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" from "The Lion King") and Adele, where they taped a final Carpool Karaoke segment.↴CDR03BX153BKUSAR✡In the letter to legislative leaders accompanying his proposed amendments, Gianforte said he met with transgender residents, understands that their struggles are real and said Montanans who struggle with gender identity deserve love, compassion and respect.«

♡Eventually it became the chorus of "Gasolina," the mega-single that catapulted the rapper to global fame and took reggaeton from an emerging genre born in the Black working-class neighborhoods of Panama, New York and Puerto Rico, to one of the most profitable in the music industry.▬PTRA093302FCV1R0XTMA1⇧Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has said repeatedly that the justice system should treat a former president the same way as any other defendant, a suggestion that Trump may have to go through many of the typical steps of an arraignment.☌

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