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⇂The ash column ejected by Fuego reached some 19,000 feet above sea level. Last month, concerns about an ash cloud from a volcanic eruption in Russia forced Alaska Airlines to cancel some flights to and from Alaska.▯


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CWR26MC106JBHB\HR▶"It doesn't go away until you address it," says Hardell Ward, an attorney with the Promise of Justice Initiative, a Louisiana-based nonprofit that has led the push to revisit non-unanimous jury convictions. "This is not something that can be swept under the rug; it's not something you can wait on."☺0603ZC154MAT2A◙New reporting from ProPublica has revealed another example of undisclosed expenses that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas received from a wealthy Republican donor.▉


✚"Everyone's eyes are now pointed back towards D.C.," said Katie Glenn Daniel, the state policy director at Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America. "We anticipate that eventually, whether it is the merits of this case or these injunctions — now dueling injunctions — that the Supreme Court will have to weigh in in some way."⇎3443R-04K◘Luis was responsible for all of CIA's operations in country.❂SRR1240-121K↩"Today's unsealing of the indictment shows that the rule of law died in this country," Tacopina said outside the courthouse. "If this man's name was not Donald J. Trump there is no scenario we'd all be here today."☼SR071A101KAA◦"I found myself wishing so much to be a part of that group," Price remembered.♣

▣In New York State Supreme Court on Thursday, a former model filed a lawsuit alleging that she was raped by Fabrizio Lombardo, a onetime associate of disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein. The suit also named Weinstein, Disney, and Miramax as defendants, saying they "were negligent or recklessly indifferent to the harm that Lombardo inflicted."○M39003/01-2542H↥Multiple videos of Saturday's shooting went viral on social media. It was initially broadcast live on local TV channels as the brothers spoke to media while being taken to the hospital.❒

➛Thousands of others are hoping the same is true for them.✂


☭The FDA responded by requesting an emergency stay of the decision, elevating the case for the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals to weigh in.♥C1210X181K4HAC7800∎"Unfortunately, it was yet another reminder that — despite my success and accolades as a musician and entrepreneur — racial bias remains prevalent," the rapper said in a statement.♣0603Y0500220KAT♤"I am beyond grateful for every minute our family spent with him, and that the music he brought to the world impacted so many people's lives in a positive way," Mandy Stein said in a statement Sunday.▋GA1210Y153MXJAT31G◊The city, which was named Artyomovsk after a Bolshevik revolutionary when Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union, also was known for its sparkling wine production in underground caves. Its broad tree-lined avenues, lush parks and stately downtown with imposing late 19th-century mansions — all now reduced to a smoldering wasteland — made it a popular tourist destination.⊠

↕The Biden administration and House Republicans have each doubled down on their own red lines while simultaneously blaming the other side for stymied progress and stressing the need to avoid defaulting on the nation's debt.⇒B78148T1392K9♛Trump, who denies any wrongdoing, is expected to appear in a Manhattan courtroom on Tuesday for his arraignment.◄

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