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NTP15N06AV✐And then there are people like Peter Paul Togero, who lives in the dusty village of Ayom in northern Uganda. He agreed that very little has been resolved. Togero is a member of an association of 43 parents with children suffering from nodding syndrome. "If you can, ask any organization to look for the solution of those who have the syndrome," he said. "If any organization can come and assist those, they are key."↥JANTX2N7228U▤The lawsuit also compares Nichols' beating by Memphis police to the 1955 killing of Emmett Till — saying that like Till, the 29-year-old suffered a beating "endured at hands of a modern-day lynch mob."유

▌WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden has commuted the sentences of 31 people convicted of nonviolent drug crimes who were serving time in home confinement, the White House announced Friday.❤

►Authorities had offered an $80,000 reward for information and put more than 250 officers on the case.✃


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C0603C369D5HACAUTO⇀The teacher in charge of that green classroom is Iryna Sahan, who mixes kindness and authority in a way only someone with nearly 30 years in a classroom can do. In her apartment in Kharkiv's northeast, she unwraps a package of newly printed yearbooks. Each book is filled with photos of her 27 kindergartners. She gets goosebumps as she turns the pages, describing them. "Aurora had a big personality. Sofiia was always in charge. Simeon convinced me to buy that chess set."☼M39003/01-5357/HSD◩The $8.9 billion that J&J would transfer to the subsidiary, LTL Management, would be payable over the next 25 years. The amount is up from the $2 billion that the New Brunswick, New Jersey, company set aside in October 2021.↰


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LD025A2R0CAB2A⇏His father's editorials about social and economic intolerance earned him a national reputation and undying enmity and threats from white supremacists. He also won the Pulitzer Prize, in 1946, for a series of editorials critical of U.S. treatment of Japanese-Americans during World War II.➮VJ0603D4R7DXBAC✯For this test flight, the two main experiments were government-sponsored: the UAE's 22-pound (10-kilogram) rover Rashid, named after Dubai's royal family, and the Japanese Space Agency's orange-sized sphere designed to transform into a wheeled robot on the moon. With a science satellite already around Mars and an astronaut aboard the International Space Station, the UAE was seeking to extend its presence to the moon.↲

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