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♖In a previous study in the valley, James found that lifetime exposure to low levels of arsenic in drinking water, between 10 and 100 micrograms per liter, or µg/L, was linked to a higher risk of coronary heart disease. Other research has tied chronic exposure to low-level arsenic to hypertension, diabetes, and cancer. Pregnant women and children are at greater risk for harm.▶


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C1210C360F1HAC7800↚The first of seven books in the series, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, was first published in the United Kingdom in 1997, and the final book was published in 2007. Each book was a bestseller.◈4470-26J⊙They didn't go inside the ship, let alone touch the site, in accordance with existing regulations, and paid their respects to the more than 1,500 victims with a flower laying ceremony.♐

✪To my colleagues in the health care industry: There is an opportunity to do good here. The cancer patient needs a trusted, friendly voice to help explain things — on call, 24/7. The health care system isn't prepared to do this. The vacuum is filled now by fraud and fear.➮

☃Today, Johnson Memorial is up and running again. But it took nearly six months to resume near-normal operations, according to the hospital's Chief Operating Officer Rick Kester.➘

▲Prior to academia, Dituri was in the U.S. Navy for 28 years as a saturation diving officer. In 2012, he pursued a Ph.D in biomedical engineering at the University of South Florida to learn how to help people who suffer from traumatic brain injuries.◊


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