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SC104B-330✪Lubrication and lots of communication: Navigating a new sexual life after menopause⇅VJ0603D180KXXAJ✍In an attempt to stop the car, one of the Gendarmarie inspectors guarding the gate fired at the car's front tires. The car didn't stop, even though the bullet made contact with its front left fender.▄

♩The entire time CBS News was near the front line, explosions never stopped ringing out.☂


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DE1E3KX222MA4BL01☆Eventually, they got some other team members on board so they could further conduct their study, published in Evolutionary Systematics earlier this month. They found the frogs have orange patterns on their groins, thighs and shanks that "resembles flames," Chávez said – just "like those threatening its habitat." This led to the determination of its name, Scinax pyroinguinis, which translates to "groins of fire."➜C1210C101KBRACTU☜"China's leadership needs to use its influence to bring Russia to end its war of aggression, restore Ukraine's territorial integrity and respect its sovereignty, as a basis for a just peace," European Commission spokesman Eric Mamer said, according to the Agence France-Presse.↜

❄Alexis has been in recovery for nearly a year, she said. The morning meetings where she and her classmates talk about mental health, sobriety, and other topics are an opportunity to build a community of friends who support one another, something she said she didn't have when she was using drugs.⇛


❑The Pakistani movie Joyland has made headlines around the world for its ground-breaking depiction of a love story between a married cisgender man and a transgender woman in the city of Lahore. (Cisgender refers to a person whose gender identity aligns with the sex they were assigned at birth.)☣2225J0160473JDT¤Makenzi has been on hunger strike for the past four days while in police custody.↩C0603X272F8HAC7867⇩"This work will and must endure," said Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines in another statement. "We will continue to prioritize our work on such incidents, remaining vigilant regarding information that would undercut the IC's judgments and continuing to respond to individuals who report incidents, including investing in health resources for such purposes."□0805Y5000332JET◀“You don’t see any bodies, you don’t see any blood, you don’t see anybody yelling, screaming for help,” Coronado told investigators later. “Those are motivators for you to say, ‘Hey, get going, move.’ But if you don’t have that, then slow down.”⇢

►Sarah Wangerin, a nursing instructor with Montana State University and former examiner, said patients reeling from an attack may instead just go home. For some, leaving town isn't an option.➭VJ0805D390MXCAP♥Republicans said the expelled lawmakers disrupted order and broke procedural rules in the chamber.⏎

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