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〓Rep. Tim Burchett, R-Tenn., who voted against the bill told reporters earlier he was planning to vote no and the only thing that would move him would be "true debt reduction, not rate of growth."↼0603J250P600BUT↧An ambulance was called early Saturday because of acute stomach pains but Navalny received no diagnosis, one of his lawyers, Vadim Kobzev, wrote on Twitter after visiting him in prison.▧1210J0250150KCT⇍According to the indictment, Davis directed funds from The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) and the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program to two nonprofit organizations — Family Resource Center of North Mississippi Inc. and Mississippi Community Education Center.✲BUK662R5-30C,118-NXP⇆"The world has moved on from that. Don has moved on from that," Licht continued. "Don was the first one to go, 'I'm tired of having to set my hair on fire every night. I want to try something new.' "❈

ⓞFollowing the release of the interview, Tuberville's office attempted to clarify his remarks in a statement to on Wednesday saying, "Sen. Tuberville's quote that is cited shows that he was being skeptical of the notion that there are white nationalists in the military, not that he believes they should be in the military," the statement from a spokesperson said. "He believes the men and women in uniform are patriots. Secretary Austin seems to think otherwise, subjecting them to extremism training as his very first act in office."☞CDR32BP821BFUR▶Sometimes a coin was placed in the coffin, or even in the mouth of the dead, a common burial practice at the time called "Charon's obol." In Greek mythology, Charon is the ferryman of Hades, and the coin was considered a bribe to carry the souls of the dead across the river Styx.➥


▧Packers General Manager Brian Gutekunst told reporters during a news conference on Monday afternoon that the teams have been trying to hammer out the deal for about six days but that "there are still some things that need to be done."↥2SD571(1)-T(ND)-AZ◦For now, people who enter the U.S. illegally could be banned from returning for at least five years, and repeat offenders could face prosecution. And many migrants at the southern border will need to show they were first turned down by a country they crossed into before asking the U.S. for asylum.★CDR35BP223AJWR\M↖Simply put, there are two trials because there were two lawsuits that made separate claims.▥0805J0500182JFT✍ROME — At least two migrants have died and about 20 others are missing after their boat sank over the weekend in the Mediterranean Sea between Tunisia and Italy, German aid group ResQship said on Monday. Meanwhile, Italian authorities said operations were under way to rescue about 1,200 people on two migrant ships intercepted off the country's shores.☭

➹Most lawmakers said Chew's testimony, which was at times evasive on questions about China, was unconvincing and only served to further harden their positions against TikTok.웃0805Y2000910FQT▫Because the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention doesn't closely track run-of-the-mill strep infections, it's unclear just how many cases there are in the U.S. right now. But Rivers says strep activity has been higher in the last few months compared to previous years.▶


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199D336X0016D2B1♂Advocates for the homeless are calling for accountability in the death of Jordan Neely, a 30-year-old homeless man who died this week on a New York City subway train after he was placed in a fatal chokehold by a fellow passenger for several minutes.⇓0603Y1000221FAT▪The talks resumed after a temporary stalemate Friday afternoon.●

❁Before the meeting, Egyptian Foreign Minister Samer Shoukry said that only an Arab-led "political solution without foreign dictates" can end the ongoing conflict, restoring Syria's unity and stability and allowing refugees and the internally displaced to return.♥

☋Clare Nowland, who had dementia, had been hospitalized in Cooma in New South Wales state since her skull was fractured when she fell on May 17 after Constable Kristian White shocked her with a stun gun.✡


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