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The FAA also faces staffing shortages that have slowed air traffic, and an outage in an alert system in January briefly stopped all departing flights nationwide.↮1812Y5000102JAT✲Target is recalling around 4.9 million candles sold in-store and online because the jars can crack or break and cause burns and lacerations.➵GMC10X7R332K100NTBruno Tonioli, who has judged on both shows, called Goodman his "dear friend and partner for 19 years, the one the only ballroom legend."⇇C911U680JYSDBAWL35☠She won album of the year for Bell Bottom Country, accepting the honor slightly breathless after performing her song "Grease."↨

∎"Today is a victory for tip-over prevention that has been far too long in coming," the group Parents Against Tip-Overs said in a statement after the vote. "Had this stability rule existed twenty years ago, our kids would still be here today."❒BZX85C10-T-M⊿"It just shows it's rough doing time," Gray said. "I don't know many mug shots that show somebody in a good light."◊

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1825Y0500185JXT☠The recent arrest of an Air National Guardsman in Massachusetts is just the beginning of another protracted struggle over leaked top secret documents, renewing a recurring theme that predates the age of the internet.♈CDR32BP122AFWPAB⇢"Our top priority is the safety, quality and effectiveness of the drug products available to the American public," the FDA said.▉


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1812J0500221KAT♗Castellano says that on days his supervisors knew the farm's owners were coming, they "would tell me to hide my face, to not be noticeable, because they knew it was wrong."PM75B4LB060⇜A few months after the visit with Daniel's family, Aurora is at school, sitting with two other girls on the blue foam carpet in the first-grade classroom. She wears her white and navy blue school uniform. Her long blond hair is pinned up with a red Minnie Mouse bow.⊡


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NTE5841▯Organizers say the award recognizes that their resistance against Russia's invasion is a defense "not just of the sovereignty of their country and the life of its citizens, but also of Europe and European values."ⓔ0603R-72NK↢Cooper went below the voluntary sentencing guideline range of 71 to 87 months, with prosecutors seeking 87 months, and imposed 54 months with three years of supervision upon release. The average sentence for an obstruction of an official proceeding charge for Jan. 6 defendants has been about 42 months, Post data shows.


ღIn some states where Democrats control the legislature, lawmakers are enshrining access to gender-affirming health care. Democratic New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham signed a bill Wednesday that protects providers of gender-affirming health care against potential civil and criminal prosecution.➪GRM2165C1HR20BD01D▶Elsewhere, Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker traveled Sunday to Belvidere to visit the Apollo Theatre, which partially collapsed as about 260 people were attending a heavy metal concert.⇦T495C156M016ATE400➧What it would do: Make it easier to sue news organizations for defamation and win.♖BB504CDS-WS-E♠This was the second legislative session in which Sen. John Fuller brought the bill to ban gender-affirming care for transgender children. In 2021, when he was a member of the House, he brought a bill to ban surgical and hormone treatments for transgender children, which was voted down. He brought a second bill to ban surgical treatments which was also rejected. He was successful in 2021 in passing a bill to ban transgender females from participating in girls and women's sports. The part of the bill that applied to colleges was ruled unconstitutional.⇆

☢On how they reproduce:↯BTA12-700CWRG↩In order to earn some yield, banks "needed to take more risks, and some banks did this more prudently than others."▄


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